Movie Review:Limitless

Imagine taking a designer drug that makes you a better you.  I could use one of those powerful pills right now as I write this review but for now I will do the best I can.  Here is a review for “Limitless”

Eddie Morra(Bradley Cooper) is a regular guy trying to be the next great writer.  Problem is he hasn’t had much success and his current writing project has him starring at blank paper with not much progress.  His girlfriend Lindy(Abbie Cornish), who has supported Eddie’s writing career for years is fed up with all the delays and tired of seeing Eddie fail time after time with not only his career but lack of motivation to be a better person.

Eddie then runs into Vernon, someone that he hasn’t seen since his last failed relationship. which was a marriage to his ex wife Melissa(Anna Friel) Vernon is now looking very wealthy and Eddie is curious to know how this guy is doing so well?  Vernon(Johnny Witworth) decides to help and give Eddie a special pill that at first seems legitimate from Vernon but the fact is this drug has some powerful affects.

This clear pill, which after it is swallowed will make a man or woman think on their feet faster than ever.  My best explanation without getting over detailed is it is like taking a steroid for your brain than can help not only help think clearer but also take any information that has been learned over time throughout one’s life and be able to use that information in a clear and organized way.  For example Eddie used to watch old Kung Fu movies as a kid and of course never really trained but now because of this magic pill he can just do Kung Fu by remembering when he watched it for the first time.  Also reading a book ten years ago and being able to reiterate every detail of that book.  Eddie is now so inter connected that even the most complicated problems and solutions are as easy as flipping on a switch.

Now the problem with this little magic pill is that it only lasts for a limited time and Eddie begins to become very sick off of the pill.  Now what is so limitless about that?  Eddie now feels he must get more of this pill from Vernon but when he finds Vernon killed by some unknown people Eddie realizes that this magic little pill has some dangerous after effects of not only taking the pill but actually knowing about this special pill. Eddie who already has benefited from this pill decides that he definitely needs more and when he finds Vernon’s special stash, let the games begin as Eddie Morra is about to take the trip of his life yet not with some consequences on the way.

A one time unknown writer has now become a born again genius which takes him to the top and lands him working with Carl Van Loon(Robert De Niro).  Van Loon is one of New York’s most prominent business men who could use Eddie’s talents of looking at financial data like it’s basic arithmetic and use it to analyze local competitors for the benefit of Carl’s company.

Overall “Limitless” was a great movie.  I give it four our of five stars and Eddie certainly goes from humble beginnings to one of the most powerful men in New York with all the help of a magic little pill.  Now the movie is not perfect by any means as Robert De Niro was probably not needed for this movie.  Really anyone could have played his role but I guess the casting director or director Neil Burger wanted someone that gave that overwhelming presence that Bradley Cooper couldn’t match and even with a magic pill could not out wit Mr Dinero.  Andrew Howard as Gennady was actually the real villain in this movie as a man that finds out Eddie’s little secret of success and wants it for himself.  Regardless I enjoyed the story, there was thrills along the way with some cool special effects to show how Eddie and others were on and off the pill.  Lastly, I think anyone could relate to this movie as we all could be a better person but how we attain that is still up to you.

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