Movie Review: Cedar Rapids

Ever have a sales job, travel a lot for business or perhaps you are in the insurance business?  If yes then you might like this film Cedar Rapids.  Here is a review and no I’m not selling you any insurance today.

Tim Lippe(Ed Helms) is a small time guy from a small insurance company called BrownStar Insurance.  When his boss Bill Krogstad(Stephen Root) presents his number one insurance salesman an opportunity to claim the diamond star award for their regional office Tim Lippe is excited in his own kind of mellow way.  For he has never been allowed to represent BrownStar at the yearly conference at Cedar Rapids which awards the yearly diamond star prize.  Actually Tim Lippe has never really been anywhere away from his home office for the last decade or from his much more maturer girlfriend Macy(Sigorney Weaver.)

There is just one thing Tim must do and that is to claim the diamond prize in Cedar Rapids. However this business trip comes with some ground rules by Mr Krogstad and that is for one to insure that the diamond star prize stays with BrownStar, two keep the reputation of Brownstar at it’s highest while networking with fellow insurance regional professionals and stay away from Dean Ziegler(John C Reilly).

Ziegler is a guy that uses his yearly trip to Cedar Rapids as his own personal yearly Vegas trip.  Ziegler represents an enemy to Mr Krogstand that could cost the diamond prize for BrownStar.  Tim is instructed to stay away, but when fellow insurance salesman Ronald Wilkes(Isiah Whitlock Jr)  and Dean are assigned the same room at the hotel in Cedar Rapids Tim has no choice but to room with the so called enemy.

Tim Lippe is then overpowered by the ever ending fast times at Cedar Rapids by the overwhelming presence of  Ziegler, Wilkes and another veteran of yearly Cedar Rapid trips Mrs. Joan Ostroswki-Fox( Anne Heche) Mr Liippe is about to learn all there need to know about these yearly conferences that involve heavy partying. Regardless Tim must stay focused and still must stay in good and impress Mr Orin Hegelesson (Kurtwood Smith.)  The man in charge of awrading the diamond prize.

Overall this is just some of the story and there is more to lean about the movie Cedar Rapids.  I give the movie four star as perhaps a diamond in the rough as a movie that will catch on more with age as not a regular box office movie hit. Instead more like the movies of the past like Office Space and Extract.  John C Reilly is as funny as ever, Ed Helms I’ve been a fan since day one on “The Office” and Mr Wilkes provided some timely humor.  Some interesting cameos and all in all a good cast, good movie and worthy a watch in my opinion.


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