Movie Review: No Strings Attached

Can two people with a past just have sex?  Nothing else, just sex and no other strong or emotional attachments. No, this is not two strangers that meet one day and decide to start having a sexual relationship these are people that have known each other for many years.  The movie “No Strings Attached” tests this very theory.

Emma(Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) have known each other since they were teenagers.  They’re each others first kiss and all that good stuff.  No nothing serious ever came out of that, more humiliation than anything else and the two move on into their young adult lives without any serious attachment.  The two run into each other from time to time as they both still have mutual friends that continue to allow their paths to continue to cross.  Both are dating and feeling the highs and low of dating and eventual their paths cross once again.

After a bad night for Adam which involved many drinks and hanging with his close friends, Adam once again runs into Emma who now is a young woman who is pursuing a career as a doctor.  Emma without seeing Adam as a patient but instead naked from his foolishness from the night before.  Adam awakes from his drunken stupor to find himself once again in the presence of Emma and her friends who just seems to keep running into this girl.  Adam decides to pursue Emma after all these years but Emma has some rules.

No emotional attachment, just two people who conveniently have sex with one another.  Because for one Emma is a intern becoming a doctor, which gives her very little free time in the first place and Adam also has a career as a television writing assistant.  Let the sex begin and the two travel the road that few are ever able to not become just a little bit attached.  In addition as two people attractive and still advertised as single the rest of the world does not know that thees two are trying to recreate the sexual revolution.  Of course this little secret can’t stand being a secret for too long and in due time people are starting to wonder if these two do make a great couple?

“No Stings Attached” was popular with young fans and reason why we see the movie “Freinds with Benefits” this summer.  I was turned away by this movie initially as I just felt this was Kelso from 70s Show getting it on with Queen Amadala/Padme from Star Wars.  The pairing just seemed strange to me and honestly the pairing of Timberlake and Kunis seems to be a better match.  Overall “No Strings Attached” was good, not great three stars in my book. I did enjoy the performance of Kevin Kline who plays Adam’s father and Mindy Kailing Emma’s best friend.


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