Police Academy Tribute

Here at this site movies are the topic.  The other day we lost a proud member of the 1980’s saga of the Police Academy family. Bubba Smith aka Hightower died at the age of 66 and one of my favorite characters. So I figure let’s bring some of those classic moments back of not only Hightower but the whole gang.

One thing to know most of these you tube vides are only shown on you tube so I apologize but yell at them not me.  The Police Academy video vault is like Fort Knox.

Here Hightower learns to drive and uses his muscle to expand his leg room.

Oh you know he played some ball.

How can we forget Mr Jones

Play that song DJ

here is the remix too.

Talk about Meeting the Parents

This is how I really want to enter a grocery store.

All the Zed you can handle if you can handle it.

Another Bubba Smith classic moment from Police Academy 4

What a Dork?  This is why I don’t sleep on the beach.

Police Interrogation at it’s worse.  Plus a few more classic Michale Winslow moments

Now this one is not from Police Academy but a classic Bubba and Al Bundy moment.

Lieutenant Harris

One last look at the best scenes of Police Academy I a cult classic that never dies with age.


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