Movie Review: Hall Pass

Remember when you had a hall pass in school.  You got to take your time, talk to your peeps and you know slacked off.  Whenever we get a pass we tend to get a peak of sudden confidence thinking that we are that closer to a first class citizen or in the case of this movie a line of woman just waiting for us because our wives have given us a week off our relationship.  Here is a review of Hall Pass and we see how two married guys handle their very freedom.

Rick(Owen Wilson) and Fred(Jason Sudeikis) are middle age guys who have been married for many years and are very loyal to their wives and families.  However when Rick and Fred are not in front of their wives, who they certainly love, they’re checking out woman like prime rib on sale.  When, of course the wives Grace(Christina Applegate) and Maggie (Jenna Fischer) figure out that these guys have magnetic eyes to woman they get a suggestion from a friend Dr Lucy(Joy Behar) who recommend the idea of a Hall Pass.  A week off from family and marriage and allowed to do anything they wish to do in that given time.

At first the very thought of giving their husbands a week off scared Maggie and Grace, but after one final draw of Rick and Fred showing their lack of respect and complete humiliation they figure how worse can it be? Maybe these guys do need this Hall Pass.  So a deal is made and Rick and Fred are released like prison mates into the wild to do whatever they choose while the ladies take the kids and themselves away from the guys from a week and actually find a little time for their selves as well.

Fred and Rick have friends that are willing to go along on this conquest to see if these two have what it takes to actually get with a woman while on their break.  However when all of these middle aged guys get together it’s more like a sausage fest, where they believe the best pick up place is a nearby Applebees or Chili’s. These newly imaginary single guys have a lot to learn about new age women, how to hook up and even with a week off, their entourage is not exactly bringing in models knocking on the door to mingle.  Thankfully these guys know a woman specialist in Coakley(Richard Jenkins) who might be able to help Fred and Rick. However even he is not always right about woman as we see this first hand through Rick and Fred’s experiences.  By week’s end Fred and Rick make progress in their conquest but are humiliated more often than have success, while Maggie and and Grace are reaping the benefits of their new found freedom and perhaps enjoying their freedom more than the men.

How will this Hall Pass change everyone involved? Guess you shall see or if you have seen this movie, what a great comedy, that has some classic moments that you will be sharing with friends for sure.  I give the movie four stars as the movie does create conversation about memorable moments much the same as classic comedies did like “Old School.””Anchorman” and “40 Year Old Virgin“.  Was Hall Pass it as good as those movies? I say no, as those were certainly five star comedies but I will certainly see “Hall Pass” again and recommend this movie if it has slipped through your movie radar.

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3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Hall Pass

  1. I think for any guy “picking up chicks” is a very unnerving thing to do and these guys are definitely used to being married. Days go by and no one is making any progress toward their goal but the movie is also not making any progress towards its goal of making me laugh sad to say. I rarely have a chance to watch TV at home any more as work is becoming more demanding, summer activities to take the kids to and dates with my wife. That’s why I love my DISH Network employee Sling adapter so much that I found out about on because I get my favorite shows in like AGT when I have spare time but away from home. Now that they are showing the big acts I can’t help but watch the first change I get.

  2. Nice Review! Although, I didn’t laugh as much as I would have liked to, I was still happy to see The Farrelly Brothers back to their raunchy form. Also, Wilson and Sudeikis make an amusingly goofy pair. Check out my site whenever you can!

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