Movie Review: Rango

Chameleons are known for their quick adaptation for their environment.  They can change color to blend in when danger is near or to just adapt to the surrounding environment.  Although when you take a domesticated chameleon and throw him into the middle of the desert you have the premise of the story of Rango.  A story of one chameleon who might be way over his head. While I review this movie I wish I had those four owls to play some jamming music but I will do my best without them.

Regardless, the owls are very much a part of the story who are the narrators for the story of Rango.  You see Rango was just a common chameleon who had no name, but when tragedy hits his owners while driving on the highway leading to their next destination, this chameleon who certainly is far from being wild, is more of a lizard who practices his acting while staying in his glass jungle he calls home.  This lizard is about to see a whole new side of life within minutes, can he survive?

The chameleon is thrown into the harsh elements of the desert where with no one to call to for help he must use what little survival skills he has to possibly get back to his now lost family.  He runs into some trouble from above and narrowly escapes and then finds himself face to face with a fellow lizard named Beans.  Beans is from a nearby city called Dirt, which certainly is known for it’s dry kind of life where some of the most strangest creatures call home.  Once again this chameleon who still is nameless must find a way to fit in, so he uses his acting skills to develop a false persona named Rango.  Someone who has seen all of what desert life can bring and then some, after a few more draws of luck, Rango has now found himself to be the next sheriff of Dirt.

At first loving the idea of being the sheriff, the people of Dirt want to know where all the water has been lately?  A water shortage has hit the people of Dirt and Rango is now called to find answers.  Acting like a lizard chameleon from the streets of NCIS, Rango once again will use his advanced social skills to act as if he really knows what he is doing.  However has Rango got himself into something that even he is way too under qualified? Especially when there are other animals of Dirt that are not as welcoming to new inhabitants of this desperate town, including a rattlesnake called Jake and packs of moles that are also looking for ways to survive in this harsh climate.  Even if that includes taking what little water the town of Dirt do posses.

Rango has put himself into the middle of a water war amongst the people of Dirt and as the four owls continue to tell this story even they are doubtful that Rango has a chance to save the day.  I guess you have to see if Rango does saves the day and prove these owls wrong that a domesticated lizard has what it takes to save a town in the desert from complete dehydration.  Can Rango solve the mystery of why the mayor of Dirt who always seems to have water, when water is in such short supply? Conspiracy and mystery of those who run the city are certainly running these people of Dirt into the dirt literally and figuratively.  Meanwhile Rango can tell stories very well but when his stories begin to catch up to him even he realizes that life in Dirt might not be the right place for a chameleon whose best friend before this time was a plastic duck, half of a plastic doll and a plastic palm tree inside a glass box.

“Rango” was an fun movie.  I give it four stars as I was maybe expecting more but the movie was still very good.  If you enjoy Johnny Depp you will certainly be a fan of Rango.  Actually movie fans of old westerns like the Good, the Bad and the Ugly and a mix of newer films like Desperado and Machete are a great audience to attract.  I will certainly add it to my collection as another great animated feature that stands by itself with it’s story, animation, humor and character development.


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