Fifty Reasons Why You Must See This Site.

Since I just recently went over fifty posts here are fifty reasons why you must read this blog/site.  There are tips to enhance your KCHMB experience and much more.  People many times will come here and think what is all of this and why for no money?  Well I l do like money but this is something I just enjoy to do in my free time so enjoy!  Let’s start with number fifty.  Plus after this list check out some bonus tribute videos!

#50 If you need a  break from it all just come here and check it out have a laugh or two and get back to what you were doing with a new smile.

#49 If you enjoy to laugh then if I don’t make you laugh once then I failed miserable

#48  I have nearly fifty total reviews of movies.  More are seen on my about KCHMB page.

#47 Yes there are thousands of movie blogs but here is the only place where you can get a free pic of GODZILLA!

#46 Every post has additional links that are for more enjoyment straight from you tube and around the web.

#45 Even if you don’t like a review there is going to be something enjoyable here with all of the links.

#44  This is a non profit site that will look for the right cause to contribute to for now is not for monetary gain.

#43  Memorial Day tribute is worth a peek.

#42  Actually all the tributes are worth a peek.

#41  This is a blog that discusses movies if you have a recommendation tell me about it.

#40   Why so Serious?

#39   All links are tested for viruses, spamware and all that bad stuff that ruins your enjoyment.

#38  No nudity here sorry got to keep it clean for the kids,

#37  There is some swearing though but nothing ear muffs can’t handle.

#36  I give a serious look at serious movies and give them a rating out of five stars.

#35  Over 1,200 visits from people around the web have dropped in they seem to like the site.

#34  Okay 1,200 hundred is nothing to brag about but I appreciate every single visitor.

#33  Spam here is monitored and deleted so don’t think if you comment you will then be spammed.

#32 I hate spam

#31  Spam can go spam itself.

#30  I gather previews here of movies that are coming out in a theater near you.

#29  Summer Previews Parts I,II,III

#28  Best of 90s Comedies

#27  Best of 80’s Comedies

#26  Tribute to Mother Roles

#25  Tribute to Father Roles

#24  I keep up with the movie biz and share an opinion.

#23  I can actually find 5o reason to do a lot of other things during my day but I just like to do this blog.

#22 I have been blogging or writing about movies since 2008

#21  I am like a Roger Ebert but a Roger Ebert who isn’t Roger Ebert.

#20  More movie reviews coming soon!

#19  More great video links, I like the tv show Tosh.0 and he inspires me to find funny stuff around the web and share it here with you.

#18  Have been writing online for blogs and sites since 2008.

#17 You will find ways to find free desktop wallpaper here at this site.

#16  You will find great links for ways to find that perfect line from the movies you enjoy.

#15  Will be airing my first you tube review in the near future.

#14  My goal is to have an encyclopedia of movie reviews.  From A Team to Zoolander

#13  Already got Zoolander review covered check my about page for the full review.

#12  My kids first inspired me to write this stuff.

#11  I am not a actual movie critic just a guy who talks a lot about movies.

#10  Movie critics are not my enemy. I just don’t agree with them all the time as a movie they like might not be something I like or vice versa.

#9   I review movies on criteria that may differ from an average critic.

#8  My kids think this site it awesome!

#7  There are hundred of video extras imbedded into the reviews posts like this one RIP Ryan Dunn.  Check them all out for full enjoyment.

#6 All imbedded links are chosen by me not some Google guy looking to earn a buck or too off a click.

#5  Many many hours of clips from classic movie moments.

#4  Kenny

#3  Critic

# 2 Huge

#1  Movie

Blog is awesome.  Share this site or tweet or link up with others who enjoy movies.  Look for more at the KCHMB very soon!  I now leave you with the best movie sandwiches in cinema history and a tribute to really all movies


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