Movie Review: Blue Valentine

There are two sides to every story as we like to hear.  Two perspectives two angles and two different ways to view a story.  In the movie Blue Valentine we see two sides that shows beginning and another that shows an ending.  Here is a review of a movie that was a Sundance, Canes and Toronto Film Favorite in 2010.

Dean and Cindy are a married couple with a beautiful daughter Frankie.  They live in a rural area where times have gotten hard for this young family.  Cindy works as a nurse assitant while Dean just tries to find any job as a painter.  Both work long hours but try to make it work for their daughter Frankie.  This is the present time in which all three live and breathe everyday and really are just trying to get by any way they can and maybe get a few extra hours of sleep.  Of course stress of life has started to get to both Dean and Cindy as Cindy is very much sleep deprived while Dean enjoys his morning cocktails which help him get through his work day.

Tragedy hits the family as Frankie’s dog has suddenly disappeared.  Dean and Cindy try to comfort Frankie anyway they can and both decide after realizing the worse that maybe Frankie needs a weekend away from the house in order to cope with her missing favorite dog.    Dean decides that he too wouldn’t mind getting away for at least a night with his wife Cindy.  Cindy at first reluctant decides that she too could maybe use a break.  Unfortunately for both they must use a night at a sleezy hotel to get away from it all and it’s not exactly staying at the Ritz Carlton.

Then we start to see how these two love birds first met. Cindy and Dean were young and both not even on each others radar as two people with different paths.  Cindy a college student hoping to become a doctor one day and Dean just trying to get by as a mover for a moving company.  The two meet and Dean is very curious to know who this girl, while Cindy is sort of lost in her own world of school and dating a other guy at school.  Cindy eventually notices Dean and the two begin to see each other more frequently, start dating and have some good times.

Meanwhile Dean and Cindy arrive at the hotel suite or in this case the out of this world room which resembles a very retro and extremely cheap hotel room.  The bed rotates on a swivel like a swivel chair and the room is no bigger than your average Motel 6.  Luckily the two brought some drinks and let the night begin.  Cindy at this point is willing ot go with it while Dean is just happy to spend some time away from everything.

The movie continues to go back and forth between present and past.  The viewer sees the relationship go through its many phases.  Some are great times and some are obviously bad by the time the movie concludes.  However this movie is not a sad story just a story of two people that get caught up in a wild life and are trying to survive.

In summary Blue Valentine is a original movie that is not your typical date movie and give it three and a half star.  Yes there are great times with Dean and Cindy but other times where you just want to say maybe these two should have never met. Ryan Gosling and Michele Williams are a good match for this movie.  Also by the end of the movie you are either pulling for Cindy or you are for Dean as the two have their issues that continue to stress this relationship that also involves an innocent child in the middle.

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