Summer Movie Classics (Continued) also head to for original bad news bears poster

I enjoyed creating my Summer Movie Classic post so much that I feel another post is the right thing to do.  After making the first Summer Movie Classics post I felt i left some movies off that list, here I give props to those I might of missed out on and hopefully I can fulfill this grand responsibility put upon myself.  Actually I don”t have to write any of these posts but I do and like to and it is a way for me to have a little fun and if you by chance see this this weekend hope you enjoy.  Enjoy your 4th of July weekend and here we go hopefully this post is like a grand finale and not some bottle rocket shot off from your back porch and the bottle rocket lands in the pool and then while lighting the bottle rocket you burnt your hand lighting it.  This post will be more like a  M-80 no not a 60 or I even have seen 88 what is that? Okay I am rambling, enjoy the post people I do this for amusement and enjoy.

Meatballs   Four Stars

Bill Murray might be the king of summer movies?  Well in the 80s and early 90s he was and nothing showed this best than the summer camp hit Meatballs.  What better way to start this whole thing off with a solute to Meatballs?  IT JUST DOESN”T MATTER! This was a great summer time movie and everyone wanted to go to Summer Camp after seeing this and just hoped they had a camp counselor like Bill Murray.

Stand By Me  Five Stars

Feeling more adventurous in the summer time?  How about go checking out a dead body?  A summer time classic that if you haven’t seen it then you just kicked yourself in the balls.  Come on Stand By Me! One of the greatest movies ever!  Movies like these just don’t get made anymore.

“Goonies”  Five Stars

Okay really you can watch this movie any time although this is kind of a summer feel good kind of movie.  Sloth would agree “HEy YOU GUYS!  People who see this blog already know I enjoy this movie way too much but it certainly belongs on this list.  Summer just isn’t the same without the Truffle Shuffle.

“Major League II”   Three Stars

Yes Major League was awesome! However Major League II should still get some respect.  I know Omar Epps was a far cry away from Wesley Snipes as Willey Mays Hayes but Rube Baker and that little Japanese import Tanaka or however you say it just bowled me over.  Jack Parkman was a dick and why do have to make my beloved White Sox the enemy team in this movie?  I’m sure Cubs fans were happy to see that and this movie was certainly a classic in my book.

“Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”   Five Stars

Now every Indiana Jones movie is great!  However this was the greatest in my mind as I remember going to the movies as a kid, as it was yesterday, to see this movie.  For the next couple of weeks after this movie I wanted a whip a cool hat and go find some cool stuff in my backyard.

“Bad New Bears” (1976)(2005)  Five Stars & Four Stars

Take a summer afternoon grab a few cold ones and watch both of these movies.  Now the original is by far the best of the two as it was the original Bad News Bears but even the 2005 version is starting to grow on me as a must see movie to see every year.  Billy Bob Thorton was perfect for this role, although I really didn’t feel the hate towards Greg Kinnear in this movie as the Yankees coach.  He is always perceived as a nice guy and I felt they needed some one more recognized as sort of an ass.  Still I enjoyed both of the movies and they belonged on this list of  Classic Summer Movies.

“Sandlot”    Four Stars

Sticking to the baseball theme still one more movie to mention is the Sandlot.  This movie just brings back memories of pick up games in your nearest park.  It just was done the right way and yes the whole ending was far fetched as, Killer the dog was owned by a friend to the one and only Babe Ruth which brought upon the whole incident with the Babe Ruth ball but still there are many other classic points in this movie.

A League of Their Own

One phrase says it all, “Are you Crying?” There is no crying in baseball!”

“Top Secret”  Three and a half Stars and a Chocolate Moose

I only say this is a summer movie because I used to watch it at my cousins house religiously for a summer every time I went to his house.  This movie is a summer classic in my mind and if your feeling lonesome tonight just think Nick Rivers and Skeet Surfin’ and you will laugh your ass off for a good five minutes.

“Forgetting Sarah Marshall”   Four Stars

Need to get over that summer fling, girlfriend, boyfriend, then take a trip to Hawaii.  However when the ex is there with his new rocker boyfriend, can things get any worse?  Is this a summer movie maybe not?  For now it will be included as that summer break up movie as nothing is more summer than Hawaii, it’s summer there like every freaking day!

The Hangover   Four Stars

Forget everything I just said about Summer Movie Classics and just watch the Hangover and then you may forget all of what you read so far and maybe afterwards you can put it all together.  This blog is ten times more funny after a few drinks trust me as The Hangover is of course and ultimate summer movie classic and I feel like the only one in America who has not seen Hangover 2.  Give me a break I got kids they are more excited about Transformers and Captain America than four guys who drink too much.  I’ll see it and will enjoy it and for now i will watch the first  Hangover as much as possible until I see the next one.


Happy 4th of July Weekend!!


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