Movie Review: I Love You, Man

2009 was a great year for movies “Up in the Air”, “Inglorious Bastards,” “Up,” “Avatar” and some how and some way “I Love You Man” slipped through the cracks for myself.  Luckily I have gone back in time and now can say I am an idiot for not seeing this movie sooner.  Here is a review of “I Love You, Man.”

Peter Klavin(Paul Rudd) is a guy that every woman would die to be with, compassionate, great with the fiance’s friends, just great for a girls night on the town.  Oh wait, Peter is a man and because of his over caring for his significant other he finds himself with no male compadres.  His whole time being with Zooey(Rashida Jones) he has neglected the fact that his best friend is now his brother Robbie( Adam Samberg) yet he seems to have been taken by his own father Oswald Klaven( J.K. Simmons).  Even his own family knows that Peter is just not that kind of guy going out to seek bromance.

Peter takes offense and decides it is time to grab the balls and go find a man to hang with and maybe find a best man for his upcoming wedding.   He tries hanging with his soon to be brother in law Barry( Jon Favreau) but that guy is kind of a dick especially after Peter throws up all over him. So During this man search Peter tries to find men to bond with but for some reason just keeps striking out.  Meanwhile Peter is in the high end real estate business of L.A. and one of his clients is the huge Lou Faringo.  A giant man looking to sell his fabulous house, that does seem to be kind, but don’t make Lou upset is all I have to say as Peter is not only struggling to find a quality bro but also struggling with his job to appease his clients.

With all hope to find a man lost for Peter he by accident or perhaps coincidence at one of his Lou Ferrigno’s open houses runs into Sydney Fife(Jason Segel).  Sydney and Peter hit off well and after a few man jokes Peter decides to give Sydney Fife his card.  Okay not in a gay kind of way, but just seeing if the man will hang and maybe throw back a few cold ones with Peter.  A few brews and a few fish tacos the two hit it off really well.  The two certainly start to hang more and find out they both have a fond fascination with a certain band called Rush.  Things are starting to look great for Peter as his man search and best man search might be ending, but is this Sydney giving off some bad vibes to the new fiance.  Oh dear Peter can’t seem to win and maybe this bromance thing was a bad idea?

All in all I love You Man is hilarious.  I enjoyed it and give it four and a half stars.  Almost as good as “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” which is my all time favorite Jason Segel movie with Paul Rudd in that one as well as the stoner surfer guy.   All the characters in “I love You, Man” brought humor as Adam Samberg did a great job, J.K Simmons well he is J.K Simmons he is awesome and always the one I turn to for my Famrers Insurance needs as well.  Jon Favreau played the asshole role very well and Lou Ferrigno was good when he needed to be as the fight between he and Sydney was legendary.   For the women Rashida Jones is just showing up in a lot of movies lately and Jaime Pressly is  a riot and wife to Barry who seem to just be a match in heaven.  Go see “I Love You, Man” in case you have failed to catch it as it will get your balls back.


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