Movie Review: Why Did I Get Married Too?

After seeing the first movie “Why Did I Get Married?,”  figured why not watch the second.  Tyler Perry films create a transcending job of pulling in new audiences as their relationship content always attract new viewers as people can relate to the several types of relationships and characters featured in his movies and plays.  Hence it is why Perry continues to draw legions of fans to all of his work and I can safely say I am fan.  Here is a review of “Why Did I Get Married Too.”

After all the drama of the first movie how can there be any more, right?  Well when the whole group decides to take their annual vacation to their time share in the Bahamas they forgot one thing, that Mike is still a part owner of the share.  Mike is the ex of Sheila, who met Troy after the messy divorce from the first movie.  Now Sheila is a completely different woman happily remarried with Troy and awaiting a start of their own family.  Mike decides to meet up with the whole gang in the Bahamas and make his presence felt on this couples retreat.  Terry, Diane, Gavin, Patricia, Marcus and Angela have no other choice but to not reject a friend of all of of theirs before the messy separation.  Can you say awkward as Troy and Sheila trying to get their own lives together must deal with the person that brought them together.

Meanwhile Angela thinks everyone is crazy for allowing Mike to stay on the vacation.  Although Angela is on her own edge of insanity having her own doubts in faithfulness of her husband Marcus.  Marcus who at one point was unemployed in the first movie, now works for a ESPN SportCenter look alike show and now Marcus is always working.  Angela  goes through extreme measures throughout the whole movie to make sure her man is not just using his two cell phones for work purposes.  These two are a riot and makes that woman from the movie Obsessed look like an angel.

The drama is not done there as Gavin and Patricia have their own confession of their marriage.  While on the trip they announce to their group of friends that they are heading down to divorce court.  Despite Patricia recent success with a recent book she wrote about relationships the two are heading down some dark days of dealing with the separation.  Things appear genuine at first and looking like a clean divorce as Mike is the one overseeing the divorce but when Gavin wants to split royalties off of Patricia book deal this infuriates Patrica to new heights of anger and frustration.  These emotions wind up destroying whatever was a civil relationship and neither one will be the same afterward.

Then there is sweet old Terry and Diane who just look so perfect together with the rest of their friends.  Terry is completely happy with Diane and has no complaints of his wife and two children.  He tells the men while on vacation they are the happiest at any moment in their relationship.  However the women on vacation notice that Diane is glowing with happiness and can’t quite put a finger on why she seems so happy?  How can this overworked mother and wife be so darn happy?  Things do get explained why she is so darn happy and the last to figure it all out is Terry.  Are these two heading down new rough tides in their relationship now?  All I will say is that Terry is totally in control but    he too goes through some moments of curiosity about is his very happy wife.

Altogether the movie “Why Did I Get Married Too?” is good sequel to the first movie and I give it four out of five stars.  The drama is all there but with that drama comedy does show throughout the movie.  The movie honestly makes you cry and laugh at various stages of the movie.  Well I didn’t cry, talk to my lady on that one she felt the tears at moments as there is a moment of tragedy that occurs as a result of all of this turmoil with all these people.  It’s sort of like a firework gowning up ready to explode as something has got to give.  There are some cool cameos including Louis Gossett Jr and even the Rock, Duane Johnson sorry no Madea.   I do recommend seeing the first movie before this one, but even if you don’t you still will not feel totally lost in the story.  To sum it up it is a movie of how friends deal with each others friends relationships and the ups and downs of marriage, questions of infidelity and the darker side of divorce.


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