Movie Review: All Good Things

In 1982 Katie Marks suddenly disappeared without a trace.  The main suspect for Katie’s disappearance was her husband David Marks.  The movie All Good Things tells this story which is inspired by true events.  Here is a review.

If you want to see a darker side of Ryan Gosling, then this movie is it.  No this is not’ The Notebook” and not the same county boy from “Remember the Titans or even the female guru from the new movie coming in July “Crazy Stupid Love”  This is a side of Gosling as David Marks we have only seen glimpses of and in this role he has never been more creepier.  While Katie Marks(Kirsten Dunst) is once again portrayed as that fun loving girl and future wife to a man that has many hidden secrets.  Even as young adults did Katie know what she was getting involved with David?

The movie is actually told from a perspective of one David Marks, who is testifying during his stand on the trial of his presumed murder wife Katie.  David is a cool cat under pressure and despite his story of how the two were madly in love as young adults we see another angle that maybe suspects that David was not so kind to his late wife.  Now David has never been charged with murder and there was a case where David was looked at in a case were a man was killed but David claimed he was attacked and used self defense but was this even because of a conspiracy in connection to Katie”s disappearance.

Perhaps the one man that knew David Marks the best was his father Sanford Marks(Frank Langella).  Sanford is a very well known business philanthropist in New York and his legacy is comparable to the modern day Donald Trump,  not in the same business sense but just to allow you to perceive what kind of man Sanford was as David’s father  .  Sanford was married long ago but his wife decided to commit suicide when David was very young and David has maybe never recovered from the incident.  After many fights and disagreements as David grew older David still allowed himself to be involved with Sanford’s business. So  despite their two differences as David wanted a more leisure life with Katie as they wanted to just make a store called All Good Things and away form the urban jungle of New York.  However after years of not making it big and wanting to possibly begin a family David could not escape his father’s pressure to be even better than he was and decides to continue in his father’s business.

Going back to this case Sanford Marks was the prime person that maybe knew David Marks the best and perhaps knew more about Katie’s disappearance. However at the time of this trial Mr Marks has now become unavailable as I don’t want to spoil it but he does too have a fight for his own life.   All in all people around David Marks just seem to disappear while he tells stories of how at one time he had to defend his own life but denies to this day  there was no connection to everything including his own wife and perhaps father.

In summary “All Good Things” was really good I give it four stars.  Like I said earlier a darker side of Ryan Gosling and you too can perhaps be a judge in this movie as stated again David Marks still lives on as a innocent man as his wife’s disappearance is still an open unsolved case.  All the co stars were great Frank Langella was probably my favorite character along with Phillip Baker Halll as Malvern Bump who plays a big part of all of this movie.  In addition Kristen Wig as Lauren Fleck who was one of Katie’s good friends brings humor into a film that certainly has a very dark side.  All together “All Good Things” is a good movie to see.


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