2011 Summer Preview Part III

Welcome to the next chapter of movie previews as I glance ahead of movies coming in the very near future.  If you haven’t seen my other Summer preview posts I was pretty accurate on my predictions of what is going to be good this summer and even though haven’t got through my July predictions as of yet I feel pretty confident.  Head to those posts afterwards to see if you agree with me as well.  Now it’s time to move ahead as Summer has official started and give you the big hits and maybe the disappointments that will lead us all the way to Labor Day Weekend.

Expected to be Good

“The Smurfs”

Only in New York could the Smurfs find a way onto the big screen.  Neil Patrick Harris is the guy the Smurfs intrude upon his life as this movie looks similar to the ideas behind Alvin & The Chipmunks.  Real actors versus 3d Smurfs which should bring in a lot of fans who are not only long time fans of the classic cartoon TV series but also want to share this past treasure with future generations.

“The Rise of the Planet of the Apes”

Will Cowboys and Aliens steal the spotlight or even maybe Steve Carell’s latest romantic comedy Crazy Stupid Love have enough to steal the thunder away from the Smurfs?  As for the Rise of the Planet of the Apes this is another prequel that could be huge.  We saw X-Men First Class take off and now it’s time for the Apes to do the same.

I’ll wait for Blue Ray or DVD

“Conan the Barbarian”

Conan is returning as are the Apes can we get some original stories?  Okay Conan hasn’t been redone since Arnold Schwarzenegger was beating up camels, but I got to say why touch something that wasn’t that great to begin with?   Sure I was a fan of the early movies but not too excited for this release, hopefully I am wrong.

Got to see it 

“Our Idiot Brother”

Paul Rudd’s latest comedy where he plays the role of a lazy brother who just can’t seem to get his life right, while everyone around him is soaring with their life.   Zoey Deschanel, E:izabeth Banks and Emily Mortimer play three sisters that just can’t figure out why their brother is such a tool.  This movie sounds like a riot and is Sundance Movie Festival’s faovorite for 2011.

“Fright Night”

Since the Twilight Saga has reached epic numbers of fans why not a new Fright Night?  Another vampire movie that probably will get a lot of peeks form younger audiences and I may have to check it out.  Starring Collin Ferrel, David Tennant and Christopher Mintz-Plasse aka McLovin or for Kick Ass fans Red Mist.

“30 Minutes Or Less”

Jesse Eisnberg plays a pizza boy where he comes across some bad people on a recent delivery and feels he must save the day.  Co starring Nick Swardsee, Aziz Assari and  Danny McBride.  Coming from the director who did “Zombieland” should be a lot of fun.

Under the radar as good but will be swallowed up by the big fishes

“The Change Up”

Another Trading Places king of comedy where two people switch lives and then probably have to figure out how to get their lives back to normal.  Probably funny with Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds and the writers from the Hangover but I feel I have seen this kind of story too many times.

“The Help”

A movie  created off the success of  a popular New York best Selling Book that might bring early award nominations, but movies like this in the summer get lost in the pool.  Don’t be surprised if critics fall in love with this one but will fans be slow to pick up on the hype.  I need tot start reading more myself as maybe I too may aprreciate this story more if I went and picked up the book.

Labor Day Surprises, September’s Early Favorites & get ready for another Twilight coming this November sneak peek at the end of this post.  Even though I haven’t see any of these movies it is sure to be huge for the fans.

A new shark movie called “Shark Night.” Ahh how I miss great movies like “Jaws,” but maybe this movie will spark interest as this one looks to take a bite over Labor Day Weekend.  Although “Apollo 18″ looks to be the early favorite as this movie looks scary and very appealing.  While the first week after Labor Day Adam Sandler’s latest tale” Born to Be a Star” played by Nick Swardsen and imagine an array of Sandler friends.  This movie is supposed to be released after Labor Day but this one might be able to steal the early September thunder away from the two other movies mentioned.  Sorry no preview yet but here Nick Swardsen talks about it.


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