A Tribute to Father Roles

In honoring for Father’s Day this weekend, time for a tribute for those hard working Dads.  Even though many Father’s might not be able to read this as they are too busy to check out blogs and read articles online, at least you can tell them for me, when you come across this blog.  Be free to share this to a hard working Father as he should get a good kick out if it and enjoy.  Happy Father’s Day!

From the ultimate Pop’s who always did all he can for his family.  A little Vacation tribute for all the Clark Griswold fans!

For every Father that loses it before a big wedding. I wish they had the backyard wedding clip but this will do as Steve Martin shows us how hard it is to let go of his one and only daughter to marriage.

Here Nicolas Cage learns why he loves being a Pops and his glimpse of a life as “Family Man” is a great movie. I enjoy Jeremy Piven in this movie and makes the perfect camera man.

Rocky with a great Father Son Speech


Randy Quad as a nominee for Father of the Year.  Well at least he is honest.

Here is more Randy as Cousin Eddie from one Pops to another as he just has the best lines as a Dad.

My youngest struggles with this whole bathing alone thing too and I always think of this scene from Big Daddy.

I’ve been there as a Daddy!

A little out dated but still a good tribute to fathers in movies.


A great line from a great Dad and great movie.

I also recommend the subway scene as that is a great Father, son moment even while in a very stressful situation.

Cheaper by the Dozen makes us as Dads want 12 children, well maybe not, but they made it work.

Yep Fathers take a beating

Here is a great video for a cool Dad in “Dan in Real Life” if you haven”t seen it, good movie. Here is a bonus scene with Dane Cook with Carell.

This video is a song for Father’s Day it’s a nice rap for Big Pappa.

If you like more of a lullaby feel then hit up the Three Men as they can carry a tune.

This movie never gets old.  “Parenthood” is a classic.

Take your Pops to go see “Man of Steel”


Happy Father’s Day!


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