Top Ten Posts at KCHMB

Things are heating up at the blog but always must remember where you started before you get to the next place.  Here are ten posts that people have loved and have the most hits on the blog currently.  Obviously the home page has the most hits but these are top ten single posts that people have viewed, liked and commented on so enjoy as I get ready for the upcoming posts, which include  a special Tribute to Father’s for  Father’s Day post and more! Let’s start at number 10

#10  About the KCHMB People want to see more about this wonderful movie blog. Plus there are more movie reviews written by your”s truly.  So check out what makes me tick and over thirty more movie reviews.

#9  Fast Five Sets Record For Universal…. Really?   Here I was shocked to see that the movie “Fast Five” had set a record for Universal Studios/ Pictures.  So I put a collection of great scenes of other Universal movies that I enjoy.

#8  Movie Review: It’s Kind of a Funny Story   Here is my review of a movie with Seth Galfianakis that many have seem to not watch as much as say the “Hangover” or “Due Date.” So make sure you check it out too as this movie was pretty good.

#7  Movie Review: Easy A One of my first reviews here at the blog and must say nicely done if I do say myself.

#6  Movie Review: Gulliver’s Travels  People were skeptical of my review of this once classic tale that Jack Black as seemed to have destroyed.  However any movie that can hold the attention of my boys and introduce them to one of the grandest novels ever, then I say it must be somewhat good.

#5  Royal King Movies  Since the world was fascinated with the Royal wedding. Why not a post dedicated to them but also some of my favorite Royal themed movies.  I hope the Royals approve and not the Kansas City Royals. Although they can look and see what they think too as there is no separation of classes here at this blog.

#4  Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda 2  Have you seen the movie? Why not it simply is awesome as this movie is one of my few five star reviews.

#3  Best 90s Comedies and Clips  One of my own favorite posts and it continues to get better with age, like a fine bottle of wine.

#2  Movie Review: Black Swan  A fan favorite to say the least and one of the best movie of 2010. I just thought this movie totally changed how I perceive ballet dancers.

#1  Preview of Kung Fu Panda 2:This One is for my Boys  It’s hard to top the preview of the movie that was simply awesome, plus people can get there own free Kung Fu Panda wallpaper for their computer through this post.

There are your Top Ten Most viewed posts at the KCHMB. If you don’t see one post not mentioned you liked then, you got to tell others and get people involved.  This blog will be here waiting for them to stop in and talk some movies. Thanks for all of the continued support and look out for more at the KCHMB.


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