Movie Review: Just Go with It

How far is too far when bending the truth?  Well in the case with the movie “Just Go with it” all the way to Hawaii.  Here is a review of Adam Sandler’s latest movie.

Danny Maccabee is a guy with a tormented romantic history.  While young and engaged to be with his first wife he found out on the eve of wedding day that his future wife was actually stepping out of the relationship for a more manly experience, if you get the idea.  She wasn’t being completely honest with Danny so Danny decides to test out a little social experiment.  He went to a bar shortly after his realization of his now ex fiance’s romantic encounters and decides in his awkward state to just leave his wedding ring on and in doing so captures the attention of some very attractive ladies.  Danny uses his sob story of how his wives leave him and treat him and women are now pudding in his hands.

Twenty years after this pro found occurrences Danny(Adam Sandler) is still using this same magic ring and telling stories to land young single woman looking to comfort him.  Danny  now a plastic surgeon for obvious reason, as this guy’s nose was as big as a toucan  when younger, is now LA’s most proficient in his field.  Dr. Maccabee is now nearly in his forties and still playing his games until he meets Palmer(Brookyln Decker), another young and attractive catch that Danny sees in a different way.  Danny really likes this one and actually puts the magic ring away for the night to not give Palmer any false intentions.  However until Palmer sees the ring and questions Danny’s integrity and of course Danny as good as he is decides to do one more lie to say that he is recently divorced and only wears the ring in remorse of his wife.  Palmer decides to validate the truth wants to meet the ex wife which now Danny is in trouble.

Danny then in turn asks a big favor from his assistant Katherine(Jennifer Aniston) at his office.  Danny wants Katherine to pose as his ex wife so that he can patch up his little white lie with Palmer.  Katherine reluctant at first, decides to go along with this little ploy to help Danny, but not without compensation from a very successful and rich doctor.  Katherine gets all dolled up for Danny and the two meet Palmer as Catherine is now playing the part of ex Doctor Maccabee.  Katherine puts on a great show and convinces Palmer but then Katherine makes a big mistake and mentions that children are involved.

Danny does not have any children but Katherine does and now Palmer wants to meet the children involved as she just loves children. Hence more lies  continue for Danny and now Katherine now not only has to include herself but now her own children in this grand story all to just impress Palmer.  Good thing these kids are pretty smart as they know that Danny is well in doubt with his pocket book and now want their own kind of compensation including a little fun trip to Hawaii as Michael, Katherine’s youngest, just is dying to go swimming with the dolphins and  Danny must oblige again and  all of them are now off to Hawaii as this one little lie for Danny has now turned into a very expensive family vacation with his fake family, Palmer and even Danny’s cousin Eddie(Nick Swardsen) who just couldn’t resit to step in play his own part as Katherine’s new love interest.  Now Katherine is starting to get upset with all of the lies  but even she gets caught up in everything as she runs into one of her long lost friends, Devlin Adams(Nicole Kidman) and husband Ian(Dave Matthews) from college who Katherine always hated but wants to impress her, so she also starts playing along as happily married with Danny.  Oh man, the lies are just coming from everywhere now and  Danny and Katherine are neck deep in lies as they have no where to turn but to  just go with it and see what the heck happens from all of this and in the end things do work out but not exactly what you expect.

Actually you may figure out the rest but I will not spoil all the fun for people who have failed to see this funny romantic comedy.  I give the movie three in a half stars as  the whole Adam team including director Dennis Dugan was at it again and all part of this comedy.  Jennifer Aniston is a pro and great for this role, Nick Swardsen is freaking hilarious and at first I was reluctant for his part in all of this, as I thought Adam’s long time buddy Rob Schneider would fill the part better, but Nick was right for the role.  Nicole Kidman was very funny as was Dave Matthews and Brooklyn Decker was tempting enough for anyone to throw out a hundred lies for, while even Danny’s recent adopted fake children are hilarious and give the movie a more family feel as even my kids enjoyed parts of the movie that involved them.  Lastly there are cameos by Rachel Dratch, Dan Patrick and even Jackie Sandler, Sandler’s real wife in real life,  that are all worth seeing.

Look for Sandler as a monkey in Zookeeper


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