Movies I didn’t like. Really?

I was just recently inspired by a visitor of the Kenny Critic Huge Movie Blog.  They made a comment that I should have downgraded a certain movie I watched and I agreed with his opinion and thanked for stopping in but still will always stand by my star rating.  My star ranking might be over the top or perhaps even underrating but that is why I made this blog, to create discussion as everyone’s opinion is important and always valid.  Now I have created this post in a fun way  to show there are some movies that I really can’t stand but are probably well known among fans.  These are movies that are one star or two stars in my opinion.  Can’t wait for the response.  Plus remember this post likes to use humor so no offense.

Simon Sez

Dennis Rodman you are awesome but in Simon Sez you should have stayed playing ball a little bit longer than deciding to be in this movie.  A Hallo f Fame basketball player that should have taken the advice from Shaq after “Kazaam”  I will say a big fan of Dane Cook but glad this movie didn’t ruin his career.

Daddy Day Camp

Okay Daddy Day Care was good it wasn’t great but Daddy Day Camp no thank you.  Cuba Gooding Jr, you are awesome but stick to stuff your great at, thi was one sequel we could have gone without. While director Fred Savage should stick to directing shows like” It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

Caddyshack 2

This was a no brainer this movie was terrible.  It makes me sick anytime it is on TV even if it is on whenever that does happen once every ten years.  This movie tried to destroy the original Caddyshack which is one of my all time favorite movies.  Dan Aykroyd trying to replace Carl as head greens-keeper was like going to have a root canal.  At least Randy Quad did this scene which was kind a funny.

From Justin to Kelly

This one is for all you American Idol fans. How did we as a civilized nation allow Justin Guarini his ten minutes of fame?  I’d rather go see Carrot Top if I wanted to see a cool hair due and at least Carrot Top is way funnier.  Hopefully we all learned our lesson “From Justin to Kelly,” I hope.


Kevin Costner as a man fish was just not great.  Thank you Dennis Hopper as you were the one lone bright spot in this movie.  I mean I love swimming and water but this movie had too much of it as it made me sea sick just watching it.  This movie was bad and here now you can get the this magnificent movie on  VHS tape.

So those are five movies that if they are any better than what I have already posted on this blog then I guess I do belong doing something else.  Look for more terrible movies I  thought were bad down road as this is just too good for just one post.  Look for part II in a little while.   Thank you for the over 1000 visitors to the blog and keep on stopping in you keep showing up and I keep posting.  Make sure to check out more at the about page for KCHMB for more info on me and why I do write this blog.


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