Movie Review:The Green Hornet

The first stories of The Green Hornet first started back in the 1930s.  Since then The Green Hornet has had many revisions of stories that has created a legion of followers.  The one consistent theme with over 80 years of the Green Hornet are the characters of Reid and Kato.  Here is the review of the latest version of “The Green Hornet

Britt Reid(Seth Rogan) enjoys his life, maybe a bit too much.  He is the son of the Sentinel’s chief editor and owner James Reid.  The Sentinel over it’s existence has been one of the strongest and most reputable family own newspaper outlets in the country.  Britt could care less as he just likes to live off of his father’s wealth and has really no contact with his father’s company.  James has always been hard on Britt trying to make something of him but Britt continues his party ways, until tragedy strikes. Britt’s father suddenly dies from a bee sting as James was highly allergic to that very type of sting.  Britt is now thrown in as acting CEO of the Sentinel but this guy is hardly someone you want running a very well known media outlet.  Britt would rather hand over the company to someone who actually knows what they are doing like right hand man Mike Axford,  but then Britt gets an idea.

Kato(Jet Li) worked for the Reids as an assistant and specialist with a talent for not only as a mechanic for the various classic automobile they possess but can make anything with his hands.  Britt notices this unfounded talent and the two connect right off the bat as a pair of jokers.  They enjoy their time together and while toasting a few cocktails in memory of their father and boss they get the idea just to do something crazy.  Why not go and drive around in one of these classic rides and maybe do something out of the ordinary?  Much the same super heroes go out at night and fight crime, yet Britt is not exactly for high morals at this point,so they decided to just out and create some shenanigans.

While doing these masked shenanigans they come across a couple  of people that are being mugged and Britt and Kato decide  to intervene.  Here Britt realizes another talent Kato possess he can kick some ass with moves that are so quick, ten men are an easy fight for Kato.   Britt now wants their new found duo to be publicize with the help of the Sentinel?  Britt decides to create his own built media frenzy about theses new found hooligans “The Green Hornet.”  A name made in honor of James Reid yet  of course Britt wants he and Kato’s identity to remain anonymous while “The Green Hornet” gets it’s own reputation.

Then there are people like Chudnofsky(Christopher Waltz) who are not willing to share the night with a bunch of hooligans.  Chudnofksy means dirty business and is the largest crime boss in Los Angelas who now sees The Green Hornet as a distraction of his master plan to maintain gang control over every gang in the Los Angelas area.   The Green Hornet has recently targeted some of these outlets of Chudnofski and he is not happy about these raids. A war begins and Britt and Kato are a duo that has problems as Britt wants this to be a solo act when Kato is very essential as a guy who does all the dirty work .  They even begin fighting over their newly hired coproate assistant Lenore Case(Cameron Diaz).  Can the Green Hornet keep it together and finish their goal as publicized vigilantes? Or is this is a doomed relationship as Britt and Kato are not only fighintg crime bosses, fighting each other but also possibly driving the Reid family legacy into the ground as two people in way over their head.

The Green Hornet is a fun ride with great effects while Jet Li/Kato is a bad ass and quite funny.  The  Green Hornet cars and characters have all of the traditional look the 1960’s TV show was so famous for and are now back and better than ever.  I wasn’t expecting a great movie as many critics disliked this version however I thought it was a four star movie.  Seth Rogan can maybe wear on people but he did write the movie which is maybe his best trait as a star and he wasn’t that bad in the movie.  Now will he be able to carry the franchise on for more sequels is a big question?  The cameos in the movie were also good with James Franco, Tom Wilkinson and even Edward Furlong playing a rather strange cat.  Cameron Diaz brings her charm but is far from a push over for Britt Reid.  Lastly,  Chudnofksy as a villian was not your typical villain as he kind of was a nice guy, at least that is how he wants to be perceived. So check out “The Green Hornet” and judge for yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Movie Review:The Green Hornet

  1. This movie was a waste of talent, primarily Kevin James’ because I don’t think Vince Vaughn is funny at all. I really enjoyed Kevin in Mall Cop (although low budget he made it work) and Hitch especially which was really well written and acted. The only thing that made renting this movie less painful was that I didn’t have to pay a cent for it because of my free Blockbuster movie rental I got with my new DISH Network employee account. I exchange my movies in the mail and I don’t waste any gas; it sure makes checking the mail more exciting!

    • Thanks for the comments on “The Dilemma” and “Gulliver’s Travels.” You’re right about Gulliver’s could have been much better while with the Dilemma’s Kevin James will be much better in the Zoo Keeper. Thanks for stopping in and checking out my blog!

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