Movie Review: The Dilemma states a dilemma  is a problem offering at least two solutions or possibilities, of which none are practically acceptable; one in this position has been traditionally described as being impaled on the horns of a dilemma , neither horn being comfortable.  Well I guess we should all know what we are walking into as we watch the movie “The Dilemma.”

Ronny(Vince Vaughn) and Nick(Kevin James) have been best friends since attending Ball State University.  Now reaching their forties they both run an auto business based in Chicago, which Ronny is the salesman/marketing and voice for the company while Nick is the lead engineer.  You see Ronny is the talker and Nick just lets his work do the talking as they are about to pitch a new idea to a very well known US auto manufacturer.  Ronny, Nick and his team have developed an electric engine that not only performs, but sounds much the same as a classic muscle car from late 60s.  Ronny is the pitch man looking to turn heads and Nick is just nervously quite but optimistic.  Things are about to get interesting for Nick and Ronny and I have not even talked about their relationships.

Ronny is dating Beth(Jennifer Connely) and both are fun and all lovey dovey and perhaps ready to take the next step in their relationship.  While Nick has been happily married to Geneva(Winona Ryder) his long time girlfriend from back in college.  The four get along well and are all close friends.  With this imminent deal for Ronny and Nick on the verge of something huge Nick is starting to encourage Ronny to take the next step and propose to Beth.   Ronny decides to plan the big proposal.

Ronny decides that he wants the best for his girl and wants the proposal to be perfect.  While trying to seek out the very finest flowers in the city Ronny not only stumbles upon flowers but also stumbles upon Geneva wrapped in the arms of another, whom is not Nick!  Ronny is floored to see his best friend’s girl in the arms of another man.  With this deal about to happen and Nick already as nervous as ever to try to complete the final touches on this multi-million dollar idea, can Ronny tell his best friend and co owner that his wife is stepping out with another man?  Ronny indeed starts to investigate further into Geneva’s mysterious ways to see if this new sneaking around life style is just not a fad but indeed upon further investigation Ronny sees that Geneva is truly unhappy and even has doubts about Nick’s faithfulness.  All of this happening while Ronny is about to take the next step with his own girlfriend, which of course is not easy to deal with for a guy like Ronny who is already nervous about marriage.

Hence the dilemma is that Ronny must confront his best friend and co worker that his wife is being unfaithful but while trying to keep his friend’s head straight while working on a deal that can change all of their lives forever.  So in Ronny’s mind this as as big as trying to tell the all star guard who is about to play his biggest game and his teammate knows his wife is cheating on him.  Oh my, what will occur guess you got to see what happens, would you tell that teammate?  Things get even more interesting as Geneva has some secrets of her own that Ronny would rather not share before his own walk down the aisle.  True friendships are tested to the maximum as the Dilemma is that very test.

Overall this movie was alright and I give it four stars.  I have always been a fan of both Vince Vaughn andKevin James and they both are funny when the situation ask for it.  Winona Ryder plays the wife of Kevin James character and despite her goody persona in front of the four friends she certainly has that mysterious behavior.  Jennifer Connoly as Beth is fun and finds herself in the middle of all of this and somehow remains cool and collective even though Ronny has certainly gone crazy trying to figure out what the best plan is for his best friend while chasing Geneva all over town, while trying not to involve Beth.  My one question of the movie was Queem Latifah’s role?  She plays a consultant for the auto manufacturer who is trying to help Nick and Ronny land this big deal and yes I do love Queen Latifah, but this role seemed beneath her at this stage of her career but it was a Ron Howard film so maybe that had a big part of it.  Lastly , Zip(Channing Tatum)  who Geneva is creeping around with is pretty similar to  those people you her about on To Catch a Predator on Dateline. I  still recommend the movie as the movie is based in Chicago directed by Ron Howard and since that is where I am from it added something a little more including all of them playing big Blackhawk fans in the movie. Go Blackhawks!


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