Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda 2

Welcome young warriors of Kung Fu it is time to review the best animated movie ever, since the last Kung Fu Panda.  “Kung Fu Panda 2” was indeed full of awesomeness and a great animated family movie.  In addition this review offers more than just a review but full of Kung Fu related links and videos. Po, the Furious Five and Master Shifu are back and better than ever.  They continue to protect their community but now all of China and even the very art of Kung Fu is in danger.

Lord Shen, a peacock with an attitude, is that very threat who has a lot of unsettling vengeance for his parents who banished their son when he foresaw a vision of his future by a Soothsayer, a  fortune teller.  The Soothsayer gives a vision of that one day Shen who would be a Lord of Kung Fu but would be then defeated by only one that can beat him, a image of a panda that was black and white.  Shen and his pack of wolves wanted to take matter’s in their own hands and searched out every panda throughout China and attacked them until they no longer would be a threat.  With his royal parents horrified by Shen’s actions he then became banished.

Now Lord Shen and the wolves have returned in present time and with a weapon that might be mightier than the very art of Kung Fu.  You see Shen was very good at developing weapons of destruction and even figured out how to harness the power of fireworks for not only for their intended purpose but also as a form of gunpowder than can shoot large amounts of metal.  With this new power Lord Shen wants to not only strike revenge for his banishment but attack the very hierarchy of Kung Fu, which his parents represented, allowing he to be the supreme ruler of all of China.

Fortunately Lord Shen seemed to have forgotten ,or perhaps was protected, and did not  destroy a rather large one of black and white the Dragon Warrior Po.     However Po is not someone who sees himself as a saver of all of Kung Fu.  He thinks he just got a lucky break becoming the next Dragon Warrior and still has lots to learn before becoming a savior of China.  Regardless he has been feeling and seeing visions of a symbol that represent Lord Shen that might help Po understand where he really came from as Po never knew his parents as Pandas and always saw his Pops as Mr Ping.  Po not only wants to seek out Lord Shen and stop him from threatening the very existence ofKung Fu but with the help of the Five wants also to see if this is an opportunity to ask Shen if this  guy knows something about Po’s past.  Po is about to learn about his true past but will this truth hurt the Dragon Master more than will help and leave him weaker in his largest fight ever?  Po will need to master his very own inner peace as instructed byMaster Shifu to truly understand his true meaning.   Even the current hierarchy of Kung Fu is scared that Lord Shen has not only found a way to indeed take over China but as well defeat Po by attacking his very heart.

Kung Fu Panda 2 was awesome and indeed a five star movie.  Now I will not say if this was better than the original as the two really are separate movies but this one was as good. The action is great in 3D and the story is great with a tease at the end, which could mean more panda in the future.   There are many more added characters in the movie with additional voices such as Danny McBride as the Head Wolf to Lord Shen voiced by Gary Oldman, who always plays a bad guy well.  While  Dennis Haysbert, Victor Garbar and even Jean-Claude Van Damme are the voices to Master Ox, Croc and Rhino of Kung Fu. Lastly The Soothsayer is voiced by Michelle Yeoh and Mike Bell voices one bad Gorilla. So go get your Skadoosh on and go enjoy Kung Fu Panda 2.


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