You can godzillasize your social network profile at Blingcheese.com

You can godzilla size your social network profile or blog at Blingcheese.com

How about 100 stories of fun as in a tribute to Godzilla.  Godzilla already has an MTV Movie Award for Lifetime Achievement so let’s start off  with some old clips of the lizard that no one wants a piece of and is ready to throw down with any large radioactive monster, alien or Kong for that matter.

I need some more!

One of the classic battles of all time King Kong versus Godzilla.  I think it’s time for a remake. Let’s get it On!

This you tube video has the got the right idea!  This thing would be bigger than Paquiao versus Mayweather and since both will never happen we can only dream.

I was like 5 when I first saw Godzilla go into the volcano in 1985 and I balled my eyes out, this song eclipsed it for me.

If you can’t tell this Godzilla movie was and is my favorite of all time.

Did you know Godzilla is now nearly 57 years old, well here is a birthday shot out!  He is like that old guy that crashes all the parties.

Who said Godzilla was a bad guy?

The best part of Godzilla 1998 was the trailer, but that was it that Godzilla, looked like a Godzilla on a diet called what the heck is that?

So there are rumors that Godzilla 2012 will be happening here is a brief, fake clip. Actually this was taken from another Godzilla remake back in 2009 that was in Japan.  The new 2012 movie is being made by Legendary Pictures.

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Peace out from Godzilla and all of his friends! I leave you with the Blue Oyster Cult Godzilla video.

Godzilla vs Breaking Bad

Godzilla vs. Heisenberg (Breaking Bad / Godzilla …: http://youtu.be/NPJF7JUlMfw

Are you ready for Godzilla 2014 I know I am let’s go!!
Godzilla – Official Main Trailer [HD]: http://youtu.be/vIu85WQTPRc


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