Movie Review: Life as We Know it

Life certainly is filled with curve balls, but when that ball comes with ten little fingers and toes, oh my!  As we see in the movie “Life as We Know it”  this is not only a surprise but a reality un foreseen by Holly and Eric. Here is a review and don’t forget for checking out the surprises in this post.

Holly Berensen(Katherine Heigl) is a single woman who has a passion for cooking that has led her down a path of early success in her career.  Meanwhile Eric Messer(Josh Duhamel) is a technical director for the Atlanta Hawks who is looking for his next break.  These two are certainly on different paths of success but they do share one common theme they’re best friends with Peter and Allison Novak.  They are such good friends that they become not only best man and maid of honor at the Novak wedding but become god parents of their newest bundle of joy Sophie.  Holly and Eric have always been dearest to their friends but when it comes to Holly’s and Eric’s relationship they are hardly a perfect match, they actually can’t stand one another, yet despite their differences they always are there for their best friends.

Then without warning, a terrible accident occurs and Peter and Allison are lost forever in a car accident, while on a date away from Sophie.  Eric and Holly are devastated to not only lose such great friends but also great parents who now leave Sophie all alone, who is just passing her first birthday.  Eric and Holly  are totally blindsided by the travesty and now see their god-daughter in the hands of the state of Atlanta as Peter and Allison did not have any close relatives to take custody of Sophie.  Until Eric and Sophie are called into a meeting with the Novaks lawyer as the Novaks did have one request in case of an accident and  that was Eric and Holly would be the new designated parents.

Holly and Eric are  thrown that curve ball as noted earlier as they are  now the proud substitute parents of  Sophie Novak.  Eric and Holly have now been thrown into parenthood and these two are as close as trained parents as Arnold Schawarzenegger is trained to be a Governor.  Ooo sorry California but you asked for it.  Just trying to paint a visual picture for my readers of this review. You see Eric and Holly despise one another so they are certainly not going to marry each other but they must find a way to get along for the sake of their newest bundle of joy.

“Life as We Know it” is okay it wasn’t a  bad movie I give it three stars and a baby thumb up.   There are many funny moments between Eric, Holly and Sophie and parents will relate to a lot of their firsts when handling a one year old.  While viewers of all sorts will relate to the relationship of Eric and Sophie as it does get better but they are not exactly running down the aisle of marriage any time soon. These two still want what their respected careers to come first as well as their dating relationships despite their new awkward circumstance.  That’s were Dr Sam (Johs Lucas) as well as Messer’s many female friends and his motorcycle still come into play.  Holly and Eric certainly want it all but will Sophie change everything including how they view one another?  The neighbors are placing bets to see if this new family has what it takes to make it work.

Bonus clip

I like this song from the soundtrack good old Pearl Jam


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