Movie Review: Kick-Ass

People, you got to let me know this kind of movie is out there!  All I have to say is that was Kick-Ass!  Here is a review of the movie that made you think twice about becoming a superhero.

Dave Lizewksi(Aaron Johnson) is a teenager seeking approval.  His My Space account is less than stellar, as someone who is hardly noticed, unless it is by his two other loner friends Marty and Todd.  The one things these three have in common is they love comic books and one day Dave decides why not become a super hero? Kick-Ass is born through a few clicks of a mouse on the computer and with a  few bucks shipping and handling, but is Dave really serious? Especially when they’re some tough dudes out there.

Including a one powerful man like  Frank D’Amico, who seems to run a clean business according to his family, but the last thing this guy is clean.  He is more similar toTony Soprano.   Mr D’Amico is a crime boss that doesn’t like people running a fowl with his business or his legion of disciples.   One of those ex disciples is a  man who once was a top loyal guy to Mr D’Amico and his name is Damon Macready(Nicolas Cage.)  Macready was loyal but became set up and framed by his boss and in turn had to go to prison for some jail time.  While in this jail time he lost his only love, his wife.  Fortunately the Macready family lived on with the new arrival of Mindy Macready.  Damon not only has raised his daughter since being release from prison alone, but also taught her daughter how to defend herself making her into a lethal weapon.  A weapon that will help Damon McCready seek revenge on his old crime boss.

Unknowingly to all of this, Kick-Ass is born still and after a brief tough encounters with trying to become a hero which included a hospital visit.  Kick-Ass becomes an instant hit on the world-wide web after he is seen helping out a man who was being chased and beaten. Kick-Ass intervenes gets a few more bruises for his help but indeed saves the man who was about to get the beating of his life.  This intervention is seen by a few spectators and within a few days and the power of you tube Kick Ass has become an overnight internet and media sensation.  At first Kick Ass/Dave is loving the whole new celebrity attention and still keeping a low profile as Dave but his new persona of Kick Ass continues to help those in need. Furthermore when his love interest becomes bullied by one of Frank D’Amico’s disciples Kick Ass  has maybe got into some treacherous waters.

In his bravery or perhaps stubborn stupidity Kick Ass goes and threatens some of D’Amico’s street gang members to stop bothering his girlfriend  .  In doing so he puts himself in harm’s way but then is suddenly saved by the Macreadys, who now are their own kind of super egos, masked vigilantes namedBig Daddy and Hit Girl.  They too are planning a hit on the D’Amico Family but see Kick Ass as someone who is way over his head.  Even when they do save Kick Ass the D’Amico family believes that it was indeed Kick Ass who killed the gang members.  Meanwhile someone else has an idea to possibly get a bit closer to the one who calls themselves Kick Ass.  This is Frank D’Amico powerful and very lucrative son Chris D’Amico(Christopher Mintz-Plasse) who in turn becomes Red Mist.  Oh yeah! Another person trying to be a superhero although this one is created to get close to Kick- Ass and then use his information to go after the real threat to the D’Amico family the Macreadys.  So even though the Macreadys saved Kick Ass they have now given Kick Ass access to them and Red Mist is going to use his own super ego to get that information to stop the mayhem that the Macreadys and Kick Ass have created for the D’Amico Family.  SO Kick Ass is basically screwing up the Macready plan to bring down the D’Amico Family and in turn get their revenge for their fallen wife of Big Daddy and mother to Hit Girl.

In summary and review this movie is definitely four star material.  I would put it at five but the intense violence in this film is what may drive some fans away from this movie.  Including a very controversial part where Nicolas Cage character uses his own daughter as target practice with a live gun,  but with her wearing a bullet proof vest. An intense scene and quite shocking for some younger viewers and maybe not the right message whether unintended or intended. However,  Scarface was always a fan favorite and that was hardly a warm and fuzzy movie and I know when I was a teenager my friends watched it anyway.  This movie is like a combination of Superbad/Kill Bill .  The comedy is funny and the action is right up there with the greats of all time.  The movie was good and highly recommend and with rumors a second movie being made, I guess you better go watch it before the new one comes.


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