Movie Review: The King’s Speech

When God couldn't Save the King,  The Queen turned to someone that could.

It has been said that besides death, public speaking is the biggest fear among people.  Fear is a powerful emotion that most people face and it is a very large obstacle in life.  The movie the King’s Speech examines this when fear can not be an option it must be over ridden.

In the 1930s the Royal family of England was in a period of transition.  This was not exactly what England, British Rule and the  world needed as leadership among the world was looking at Germany and Adolf Hitler as a growing power despite their defeat in World War I.  Germany was on the rise again but there is just two problems the British family faced.  One their next of line to be King after King George V who is on his death-bed, is in love with a commoner woman who was recently divorced  and about to be married again.  According to English Rule at the time this would be  reason for dis-allowance to be the  next king.   While the second problem the other next of line, the Duke of York and Prince Albert, Bertie(Colin Firth)  and younger brother of appointed King has a tremendous stammer in his public speaking that could deter his followers  and make the Royal Family look weak among the world elite.

Bertie is happily married to Elizabeth(Helena Bonham Carter).  They are a great family with two girls  but this stammer has really taken control of Bertie to the point where he can hardly speak in front of large audiences.   We see this in the opening moments of the movie and Elizabeth who is devoted to her husband wants to help in any way she can.  She seeks the help of an outsider to the Royal Family as a way to not try to humiliate her husband any more than what he already goes through.  Bertie all his life has been troubled and bullied by his own family about this problem so Elizabeth meets privately with advertised speech doctor Lionel Logue(Geroffery Rush.)  The two agree that Lionel must meet Bertie.

Bertie and Lionel don’t exactly see eye to eye on this issue.  Bertie has become very defensive about his issue and Lionel really is trying to help.  Bertie has heard all the tricks from his royal advisers but still nothing has helped his stammer.  Lionel has proven in the past to help those with most troubled public speaking problems and is determined to help despite Bertie’s lack of confidence in Lionel.  Then as time passed Bertie’s father does in deed pass and despite Bertie pleading with his older brother to be the next King he does not wish to carry his country while in love with a divorced woman.  So in return Bertie has no choice but to become King despite his speaking problem.

Now new King George VI no longer younger brother Bertie and Lionel must work faster than ever to prepare for the next big public announcement.  World War II is now about to begin as Hitler has begun to invade the county of Poland and the King must make a speech that not only will help unite his people but reignite the confidence the British see in their Royal family.   Can Lionel save King George VI from public humiliation?

Overall The King’s Speech was an excellent movie.  Colin Firth was outstanding, Geoffery Rush was outstanding and very funny at times while Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth shows us that the future Queen Elizabeth was well ready to be the next Queen of England.  Honestly her performance was so good as she not only brought a stable front for her troubled husband but brought humor and elegant grace to her role at the same time.  This movie was indeed worthy of Best Picture of 2010 and director Tom Hooper really did a brilliant job putting this movie together.  It spoke to me as well because I too had fears of public speaking through school and college yet I still was able to overcome.  The King’s Speech is worthy of a five star rating and recommend the movie to anyone.  “God Save the King”


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