Pick One of the Five and Enjoy Your Weekend

Early reviews for the Fourth Installment of Pirates of the Caribbean are in and critics are not liking it so much.   However mass crowds will still see the movie and don’t let critics spoil your fun.  I’m sure the Jack Sparrow fans are lining up regardless of what they are about to see.   So if you do stay away from the theaters here are five choices I recommend for the weekend.  You don’t have to pick all five just one and enjoy.

Hangover Four Stars

Watch the Wolfpack again before they come roaring in theaters next weekend.  Hangover 2 is going to be great. Regardless of reviews this will be good.  Hey I also recommend going on twitter and follow MrChowSays as you will be laughing guaranteed.

Up In the Air Five Stars

If you didn’t like the “American” much then see “Up in the Air” One of my favorite movies from 2009.  If your on a plane this weekend  or grounded take a peak and you will be impressed.

Madea Goes to Jail Four Stars

Tyler Perry is really good at playing Madea and when “Madea Goes to Jail” it is just too hard to not watch again.  If you have not seen any of the Tyler Perry movies this one is a good one to start with, you will not be disappointed.  Haven’t see the new movie but here is a preview and might have to check it out.

Takers  Four Stars

If you like “Fast Five” you will like “Takers”, trust me the movie is good.  I’ve seen it and look for the review coming soon down the road at KCHMB in case you still want more proof.

The Switch  Three and a half stars

For all the couples, long time boyfriend and girlfriends out there watch “The Switch” with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman. Here is  a mini review

Wally(Jason) and (Kassie) Jennifer are long time friends but nothing has ever happened romantically.  When one day Kassie feels she is ready to settle down and have a child there is one thing missing.  An actual boyfriend but Kassie’s clock is ticking and she wants a baby now.  She decides that regardless of a companion she is willing to raise a child on her own.  Her friends throw a strange party to kick off her pregnancy as she has Mr Right in a cup ready for insertion and ready to impregnate Kassie.  While at the same party Wally gets drunk and gets slipped some drugs and winds up in the bathroom where  Kassie has her Mr Right cup waiting.  Wally by accident knocks over Mr Right and because he is very drunk he decides to put his own Mr Right in the cup.  The next day Wally is unaware that he had indeed made a switch.

Years pass and both Wally and Kassie have now been separated not just by work, as Wally is a career guy and Kassie moved away from the city life to raise her son.  The two who were great friends, are mere pen pals and Jennifer calls Wally to see if he and she can meet up.  They meet up and Wally sees a young boy named Sebastian that strangely resembles himself.  He starts to think what did happen that night at the party?  With he help of his friend Leonard(Jeff Goldblum) they do realize and determine after tracing back the steps of the party that Wally did indeed slip his own Mr Right.  Now Wally must confront his best girlfriend of many years that he has impregnated Kassie.  However now Kassie has a  new idea to meet the actual original donor who she thought was Mr Right was in fact Wally’s.  What will Wally do as he could be losing two people he really does care for his best friend and possibly his son.

Overall a great date or couple flick and go check out “The Switch” to see what happens.  My favorite character besides Wally is Leonard as he is hilarious. While Juliette Lewis is the friend that throws the whole party that creates this awkward predicament in the first place. Jason Bateman explains his part in this little interview.


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