Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I

The end of the Harry Potter saga is soon nearing.  It is time for Harry Potter and his mates to take on their most powerful enemy Lord Valdermort.  You see Valdermort must be the one that kills Harry Potter.  Here is a review, of the part I of II which will be coming this summer.

Lord Voldermort has foreseen that he must be the one that kills Harry Potter.  However with Harry on the run and many who fight for Harry protecting him, Voldermort  puts out a full man hunt for his very praised possession.  The people that protect Harry are aware of this and must go to extreme measures to keep Harry far away but also find a way to put a stop to Lord Voldermort’s dark and powerful legion who will stop at anything to make sure his reign at the Ministry of Magic continues.  In order to protect Harry his friends make a powerful potion through a magic spell that can make others look just like Harry in order to keep Lord Voldermort’s mercenaries afar.

In order to maintain this order that Lord Voldermort has over the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts he  must find another powerful wizard’s wand to help defeat Harry.  That wand is the wand of the late Albus Dumbeldore.  Now because Dumbeldore knew Harry Potter would have to one day face Voldermort again he creates a will of destiny in which he provides ways to help stop the very powerful Voldermort.  Those ways are the three objects or Horcruxes. Which are three objects of the Deathly Hollows.  They are amulets that can only be destroyed with the Sword of Gryffindor.  Harry must re find the sword which no longer resides in the “Chamber of Secrets” as the sword is missing  and find the missing objects which even while possessed carry an emotional stimulus that makes the holder of the amulets feel angry, jealous, anxious and even want to create division among those close to one another.  Making the three Harry, Hermione and Ron at wits end with one another while on their journey.

The race is on but in the end Lord Voldermort does indeed find Dumbeldore’s wand and pulls it from his dead body.  While Harry does indeed find the sword as the two are about to meet in an epic climax.  On this journey Harry has not only grew closer to defeating Voldermort but in doing so close friends on the journey are put in harms way.  Including Harry’s elf friend Dolby, who at times wavers on both sides of good and bad, but in the end helps rescue Harry from one of  Lord Voldermort most loyal allies Bellatrix Lestrange and the Death Eaters

In summary that was a hard review.  I am far from the Harry Potter expert and really have not followed all of the stories.  My sons are more aware of the characters than I, so if this review is a little off then blame my inexperience in this genre.  I will say this movie did entertain and was watchable for even a non Harry Potter fan.  Once you do watch Part I it certainly gets you excited for Part II coming out soon as the clash between Lord Voldermort and Harry Potter is full of enticement.  I also have always been a fan of Alan Rickman as Professor Servus Snape who always entertains as he also is an allie to Lord Voldermort.  Overall I give Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I Four Stars.  Watchable even for the non Harry Potter fan.

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