Movie Review: Tron Legacy

It’s been nearly thirty years since Tron was released for movie goers.  It was a film that was one of a kind with its special effects and one of Disney’s non animated films that just did not attract computer geeks and prolific arcade gamers.  It reached wide audiences and now “Tron Legacy” returns trying to spark that same affect.  Here is a review of the new and amped up Tron Legacy.

The story begins in 1989 when Kevin Flynn(Jeff Bridges) is still neck-deep in his fascination with the what has become Tron. A operating system that has changed the way not only games are played but how corporations have now used the same system to create more extensive  ways to do business.  Then all of sudden Kevin Flynn disappears and the once proud owner of a company called ENCOM has vanished with out a trace.  Unfortunately he did leave his family including a son called Sam Flynn.

We then fast forward to a more present time when Sam Flynn(Garrett Hedlum) is older and still a private owner of the company ENCOM.  While Kevin Flynn still has not been seen for well over twenty years his company is still producing some of the most advanced operating systems in the world.  Although Sam sort of sees the company as a joke now as they are just getting richer off of his father’s ideas.  Sam then receives a message from the past through one of ENCOM’s most reliable employees Alan Bradley(Bruce Boxleitner) the man Tron was named after.  The message is to go to the Flynn’s arcade.

There Sam sees the original arcade of Tron that his father called home and discovers his father’s hide out where he continued to work on “the grid” trying to perfect the system.  Sam also rediscovers the laser that originally sent Kevin Flynn into the game world of Tron.  Sam by mistake again turns the laser on and Sam is transported into the new world of Tron or what we all know now as “the grid”

Sam discovers that his father has been trapped in this world.  Not only as his father of real-time but a clone of his once young Kevin Flynn, self who elder Flynn created, has now has taken over the world of “the grid” turning the whole system against its original savor Kevin Flynn.  Kevin is now banished and a wanted man and the original program of Tron named in honor of Alan has now been turned into a henchman for the clone of Kevin Flynn.  Sam Flynn has now found himself in the advanced game world in the middle of a war between the two Flynns.

Overall the movie Tron Legacy is a special effect wonder.  All the disc fighting and cycle riding that made the first movie so successful is back and better than ever.  The movie even throws a few other wrinkles that the original film makers just could not do nearly thirty years ago.  The complaint I have was the acting which of course I know the computer world should sound a little funny, because they are all programs and are not perfect and even a woman Quorra(Olivia Wilde) who is a newer program that helps protect Kevin and Sam Flynn sounded like a fem bot from Austin Powers  Which I think the film makers were trying to recreate the humor in the first film but it felt almost over done.  Sam’s character was alright and Jeff Bridges was good but  honestly got a little bored in the middle of this movie.  The first hour of this movie was excellent and just went downhill for me I nearly fell asleep.

In summary I give this movie three stars.  It almost did not make that cut but two stars for special effects and one star for the creativity of the story and not much praise for the acting.  At least Jeff Bridges showed up yet could have been better but even the original Tron did not collect millions of fans because of its acting it was for the effects.

I’m gonna go find some good old Tron games now


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