Movie Review: Black Swan

In order to be the lead swan you must become the swan.  By now most movie connoisseurs have heard of the movie “Black Swan” with all it’s high accolades and awards for lead actress Natalie Portman.  Now here is my take on this movie with a review and rating. Now I must say I am no expert when talking about ballet.  My assumption has always been that ballet dancers are in deed performers who certainly work at their craft much the same an athlete trains for a big event.  Much respect for that, but now I have no idea what to think after seeing Black Swan!

(Natalie Portman)  Nina is a ballet dancer that has worked very hard at becoming the next big hit for her ballet production company.  She practices constantly and has become ballet all in all and with a mother that has always supported and encouraged her to be the best, but be careful what you ask for as the production of Swan Lake is about to begin.  This time the production team lead by Thomas Leroy(Vincent Cassel) is willing to find a new lead dancer to become the double role of Odette who not only is the most graceful White Swan but also dark. mysterious and troubled Black Swan.

The former lead dancer for the production team Beth Macayntire(Winona Ryder) is now forced into early retirement and let us just say she is not handling this new transition very well as she feels her very life is being taken away.  When she hears Nina is a possible candidate for the lead role she laughs mochs, and discourages the productions efforts in finding their next Odette.  She eventually has a total breakdown and attempts to take her own life.

Now other openings have occurred in the production and a new girl Lily (Mila Kunis) has emerged since Beth’s recent meltdown and departure.  Lily is  a very well trained dancer but Nina is in no way afraid of her as Nina has already landed the lead role of the White Swan.  Nevertheless, Thomas believes Nina has always been the perfect fit for the White Swan as her moves are certainly graceful enough but is not sold that Nina is the right dancer for the Black Swan role.

Things become to start wearing on poor little Nina.  The pressure of becoming the best of both White and Black Swan has challenged Nina like nothing she has done before.  She works so hard that her mind starts to play tricks on her, remember this movie is dark mysterious and has that psychological thriller feel to it so accept the unaccepted as this movie starts to play tricks not only on Nina but the viewer also.  Lilly becomes more involved with Nina becoming a new friend, while director Thomas known for his precarious and seductive style of his lead actresses start to also wear on the heart of Nina. Even Nina’s mother has started to worry about Nina’s latest obsession while Lilly becomes so involved that at times Nina starts to believe that this girl or in this sense of her perception a bitch, that is trying to get close to me and then try to take the lead role away from me.  Oh boy, ballet dancers are some interesting characters but this is what the director Thomas has looked for this whole time.  He wants Nina to be that crazed Black Swan and that is what he gets with Nina who not only becomes the Black Swan but feels as she is really becoming the Swan within her.

Overall this movie is dark, mysterious but original.  This is probably the main reason people loved the movie and critics adored.  I will say this type of movie is not something I normally watch but of course intrigued by the great hype.  It was a stretch for me honestly as I was baffled about this movie until the end when I realized that this girl Nina really has lost her mind.  Natalie Portman plays a great role, was it Oscar worthy? I guess, but I wasn’t like totally blown away.  Actually I thought the supporting roles, Winona Ryder as Beth and Mila Kunis as Lilly, should have got more supporting love as I enjoyed their characters at times more than Ninas’.  Darren Aronofsy is proving again as a great director with films such as the “The Wrestler” and “Requiem for a Dream.” The movie by my rating standards get four stars for it’s originality but wasn’t top five star quality to me.  Hopefully a crazed sociopath swan doesn’t hunt me down now. Go see for your self in case you have missed the ‘Black Swan.”


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