Movie Review: Little Fockers

Can you take the heat as the God Focker?  Well we shall see in the movie Little “Fockers.”  Here is a review of the third installment of Focker mania.

Everyone is back from the success of “Meet the Parents” and “Meet the Fockers.”  This time we see the family has evolved again as Greg(Gay) Focker and wife Pam Byrnes-Focker have two lovely children.  Twins to be exact but not identical boy and girl paternal twins.  A girl who takes after the mother Pam and a boy that is more like his father Greg.  In the words of Jack Byrnes “a boy who has a double dose of Focker in him.”

Now that Greg is an established RN and now head of his Nursing department, his career has doubled responsibility not including a busy family life with two children.  Jack Byrnes see this as a possibility that Greg may indeed be in fact ready to take on the role of Godfather,God Focker, of the Byrnes- Focker family.  You see Jack has had some recent health related issues and he is starting to plan out the fact that Jack Byrnes might not be around forever. Since his only daughter’s recent troubles with Doctor Bob, Jack has no choice but to turn to Greg in complete Byrnes CIA confidentiality.  Although this is Greg Gaylord Focker, is there way even he can still mess this all up?

On the verge of the twins birthday everyone is coming to Chicago for the big day.  Jack and Dina Byrnes decide to come in a few days earlier so that once again Jack can foresee, if Greg is really ready to take on the role of God Focker.  While the Fockers will be arriving days after as Rozz Focker(Barbra Streisand) is in the midst of being the next Dr Ruth as a  new television personality.  Meanwhile Bernie Focker(Dustin Hoffman) is following his newest passion for the Flamingo dance not just learning at some studio but off in Spain.  Oh and Kevin(Owen Wilson) will be there too just as soon as latest exotic adventure ends.  We all know Greg loves Kevin!

Overall this movie is good, in all honesty thinking that of course this may not be the best of the films as “Meet the Parents” will always be a tough movie to surpass and “Meet the Fockers” was in my mind a good sequel.  There had to be some let down in the third installment as how much better can we get?  Critics also have given this movie not so great ratings but in reality after seeing the movie and leaving all biases away I still liked this film.  I give it three stars as maybe in relation that I am a father I enjoyed the addition of the kids and the pressure of how parents we are always trying to plan the best for them. However they still are just children and even the best schools and best plan is not always what really works out.  The laughs are still all  there as I was laughing from a mix of old and new themed jokes from all three movies. I guess my suggestion going in to “Little Fockers” is to just don’t be a critic and enjoy!


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