Movie Madness: Five Movies I have to Stop and Watch

Obviously this blog talks a lot about movies.  The Kenny Critic Huge Movie Blog is like a melting pot  for movie viewers where you may see a review, an awesome preview, a list of movies to watch, ratings, great clips from classic comedies or great films. Really anything movie possible and today here is a list of movies that I must always stop and watch no matter how many times I have seen the movie.  It’s called a movie madness list hope you enjoy.

“Die Hard”

The other day this movie was on AMC and I had to check it out.  Even the mother of my children and love of my life had to point out, you have seen this movie how many times?  I said, “”it’s freaking Die Hard I can watch this movie a billion times and still want to watch it again.”

“Orange County”

“Shaun have you seen my piss” I literally die from laughing every time I see this scene.  Jack Black is like, “whats up..” and he does the classic underwear flip as if he is talking to his drunken hommies. Unfortunately for Shaun it’s some important people from Stanford.  Oh and “T shirt idea scene,” legendary as well as the “electrical fire explanation.”  Jack Black you are my hero.

“The Dark Knight”

Honeslty my son who is four has seen this movie about a hundred times.  Not because I put it on for him but because he loves it.  I mean c’mon it’s not Friday the 13th or something.  It’s Batman and the Joker two greatest foes ever in a comic series.  Sorry Lex Luthor and Superman but you haven’t impressed me lately.  Yes I enjoy “Smallville,” great show and sorry to see it go, but “The Dark Knight” is a movie that is simply a perfect movie.

“The Goonies”

From the “truffle shuffle” to sloth saying, “hey you guys!”  The Goonies was and is the greatest movie from my childhood.  I used to want to be a Goonie!  Heard they are making a new one, if they do I will certainly be there with my One Evey Willy patch on and bring plenty of Babe Ruth candy bars.

“50 First Dates”

Why do I really have to see this move every time it’s on.  Not quite sure, just love the movie can’t explain it.  I think Rob Schneider is hilarious in it, plus Drew Barrymore Hello!  In the words of Mike Meyers “shwing!” I had a crush on her when she was in E.T. when I was kid and just glad she grew up and everything turned out real nice.  One of Adam Sandler’s best roles since the “Wedding Singer” which I may add wasn’t Drew in that one too I guess so.

What is on your Movie Madness list?


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