Happy Birthday James L Brooks

Today is May 9th, just another Monday, but not to worry I put a collection of James L Brooks stuff together for his birthday.  James L Brook is a great film/tv writer producer as well as director here are some memorable James L Brooks movies and clips as today is his birthday so Happy Birthday James L Brooks!

The Best of the Simpsons

Click below for full movie on U Stream

Simpsons Movie    KCHMb rating Four Stars

As Good as It Gets”You get that sweetheart”

KCHMb rating Four Stars for As Good as it Gets

Spanglish  “She would be my Mexico”

KCHMb rating for Spanglish  “Three and a Half Stars”

Pudding and Punch-Drunk Love

KCHMb rating Three Stars for “Punch Drunk Love”

Blopper Real from “How Do You Know”

There are much more James L. Brooks works and I haven’t even mentioned all the television work but for more check out “Broadcast News” and “Terms of Endearment for some more great movies by James L Brooks.

Find the rating and review for “How Do You Know” right here at the Kenny Critic Huge Movie Blog


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