A Tribute to Mother Roles

In a weekend that is full of elegant hats and plenty of roses with the Kentucky Derby. We must not forget the Mothers for Mother’s Day. Why not talk some great Mother roles in the movies.  In Honor of Mother’s Day here are some of my favorite roles played by mum.

Catherine O’Hara is by far my favorite actress that has played some great mother roles.  We all know Kevin McCallister’s mom ala “Home Alone.”  “KEVIN!!”  However my favorite role was when she played Cindy Beugler in “Orange County“.  Now not because she was drunk for most of the movie, but the fact that she couldn’t bare the truth of seeing her youngest son go off to Stanford.

I will add one more of her accomplished resume is when she played the the role of Deelia Deetz in “Beetlejuice.”  You know I just have to add that crazy song in here, Catherine got some moves while her husband Charles is surely possessed.

How about the mother to be in “Family Man” Tea Leoni as Kate Reynolds but now wife and mother of two children of Jack. That is the only mother and wife that can even attempt to control the once President and now Daddy of the Year Jack Campbell.  Here is one of my favorite parts where Kate puts the foot down.

Now this mother has maybe lost it just a bit.  This may be the first time I see a mother get slapped that many times.  Now don’t hit your mother but this is just too funny.  “Jim never throws up at home” Airplane Rules!

Now “Dennis the Menace” had to have a mother Mrs. Mitchell played by Lea Thompson, who rocked, especially after what Dennis pulled on poor old Mr. Wilson.

Sally Field as  Mrs. Gump you were one loving mother that no one could forget. You never once doubted your son  even if he was Forrest Gump.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!


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