2011 Summer Preview Part II

Well, we know what is coming in May and June. Thanks to Summer Preview Part I and now it’s time to heat it up some more with movies coming in July and a tease of what to come in August.  As before there will be my different categories for these summer movies based upon my opinion but please feel free to share what you are excited to see this summer.

July Movies

Expected to Be Good

Transformers 3

Captain America

I’ll wait for DVD or Blue Ray

Cowboys and Aliens

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows part II.  I am still catching up as my kids love the series but I can’t start with the last movie

Got to See it

“Zoo Keeper” Kevin James is the zookeeper and loses his mind when the animals including a monkey(Adam Sandler) start talking to him.  “Horrible Bosses” my boy Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia team up with Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis as they take on there very own bosses.

Horrible Bosses

The Zoo Keeper

Under the Radar as Movies that are Good but will be Swallowed by the Big Fishes

“Crazy Stupid Love” as I love Steve Carrell but might lose fans with opening right around “Captain America” and “Friends with Benefits” it’s with “No Strings Attached” but the 2011 version.  Lastly,  “Larry Crowne” Tom Hanks goes back to college I might still have to take a look but going up against those mighty Transformers.  However this is Tom Hanks from “Big” he can handle it.

Crazy Stupid Love

Larry Crowne

Look for the Final Summer Preview Part 3, August has “The Smurfs”


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