Fast Five Sets Record For Universal…. Really?

Who would of thought a fifth installment of Fast and Furious, “Fast Five” had the biggest two week opening  for Universal Studios since “The Lost World”   Quite a shock to myself as a viewer of the series and have seen many Universal Studios/Pictures Films.  I didn’t think it had it in them to top all of the movies. “The  Fast and the Furious” was the break out hit in 2001 and now it has reached historical numbers with “Fast Five.”

Now honestly haven’t seen the movie so I would like to open up the comment box for those who have seen it and give me their quick short review.  I know a few of my facebook friends and twitter followers have seen it so even comment in my facebook box or tweet me about the movie.

Now the real bet will be is will this movie beat out “Thor” coming out soon? Which that movie will attract a similar audience.  My money is still on “Thor” but “Fast Five” has already blown the doors off the rest of the competition.  All though ladies prove me wrong with going to see “Bridesmaides”

Since you are here check out the preview of “Fast Five” as well as a few of my other clips from my favorite movies from Universal Studios.  Parental Guidance Suggested but all in good fun.

Fast Five is so hot right now.

Oh Boy not the right word for a toddler way to go, Focker!

Don’t get in the car with this girl

My son likes to stick gum everywhere too.

Sing that Dracula tune boy!


Look for more at the KCHMb.


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