Royal King Movies

In honor of the Newlywed Royal couple.  Here are my favorite or a royal mash up of the movies with the word King and anything to do with word Royal all together.  Figure we all owe them this as the new Prince and Princess of England.

Royal Tenenbaums    Five Stars

One of my favorite films, as Gene Hackman as Royal Tenenbaum was awesome.  The rest of the cast was well played.  Favorite character besides Royal was Eli Cash played by Owen Wilson.  Plus Bill Murray and his idiot research rat, Dudley was strange.  Gwyneth Paltrow was weird and Luc Wilson was weirder which made them a odd coupe altogether.  Ben Stiller as Chas was possible the most normal.  While Pagoda was a loyal man to his boss Royal, despite Royal’s selfish ways.

Here is one of my favorite parts.

King Ralph    Three and a Half Stars

Don’t know why I like this movie but John Goodman as the appointed King of England was a riot.  I went and saw this movie when it came out at the movies and don’t regret it one bit.  One of my faovirte John Goodman roles of all time.  Maybe not to the critics liking but Ralph was king in my book.

The King’s Speech

It’s on my watch list and the best movie of 2010 is still a movie worthy of any royal family.  Look for my review and rating very soon as it is definably going to be seen.

The Queen    Four Stars

Can’t forget The Queen as this movie was another big hit. back in 2006. Helen Mirren was as good as any Queen prior to her.  Don’t mess with the Queen.

The Lion King   Four Stars

One of the best Disney films of all time.  Scar was a “bad kitty” while Timon and Pumbaa were some great characters.  Watch out for those nasty hyenas.

Hakuna Matata

For more Royalty , here is a a preview for Your Highness

Next Week Look for Summer Preview Part II


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