Battle of the Sports Movies

Why just rank sports movies? When sports movies need to compete with one another.  I will make my picks but is wondering if others out there have a difference in opinion.  Maybe I will be swayed one way or the other but for now here are the match ups.  It’s about to get nasty make your picks in the comment box or just pick your favorite match up. Is there one movie that destroys the rest?  Now some may say, “These movies don’t line up as some are comedy and some are more serious but that’s the idea of it.”  Does comedy rule over drama in sports movies? Is there a winner when present comedy meets past comedy?  Can two great sports movies be greater than the other?  Are you ready? Let’s Go!

Major League versus Bull Durham

My prediction is Major League but Bull Durham is a great movie.

Caddyshack versus Tin Cup

“All I have to say is Freeze Goffer!”

The Sandlot versus The Bad New Bears(Original)

The boys from the lot against the boys who don’t take crap from anyone.

Miracle versus Slap Shot

Hockey done the right way or let’s just fight!

Rocky versus The Fighter

Rocky Balboa versus Micky Ward now that would be a war.

Remember the Titans versus Friday Night Lights

Coach Herman Boone versus Coach Gary Gaines. “Why are you smiling?”

Rudy versus Brian’s Song

Tears of joy over tears of  the loss of a teammate?

Blades of Glory versus The Cutting Edge

The Cutting Edge was a classic, but big enough to take down Will Ferrell?

A League of Their Own versus Eight Men Out

Madonna versus Shoeless Joe. “There is no crying in Baseball” versus “Say it ain’t so Joe”

The Natural versus Field of Dreams

Redford versus Costner they should just have a shoot out at high noon.

Invincible versus The Waterboy

Bobby Bouche versus Marky Mark?

Days of Thunder versus Taladega Nights the Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Shake n Bake versus Cole Trickle and Rowdy Burns.  “Stop the car Cole!”

Cinderella Man versus Raging Bull

I don’t want anything to do with this one.  Dinero versus Crowe?

For the Love of the Game versus The Rookie

Now this is serious, why so Serious? It’s two old timers playing baseball the right way.

Hoosiers versus Semi Pro

This is one where Will might have to take a seat to Coach Dale

King Pin versus The Big Lebowksi

The Dude versus Big Ern. Okay Big Lebowksi might not be the best sports movie but bowling is the theme in each and really it is not so much about the bowling but the people involved man.

We are Marshall versus Necessary Roughness

Sinbad and Scott Bakula versus Marshall? Hey both teams were a bunch of fill ins.

The Replacements versus Wild Cats

Coach Hackman versus Coach Hawn? Hackman might have to move over.

Glory Road versus Coach Carter

There is no loser here, just winners.


The Longest Yard versus The Longest Yard

I’m leaning old school here, but that was before the Burt Reynolds stache, so he may lose a few points.


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