Movie Review Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

In 1987 “Wall Street” led to an Academy Award for Michael Douglas for his portrayal of Gordon Gekko.  In 2010 Gordon Gekko is back with the latest and fresher “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.”  Here is a review.

Jake Moore(Shia Lebeouf) is a hot shot trader for one of New York’s oldest and reputable companies that have been dealing on Wall Street since the Stock Market began.  Jake’s mentor Louis Zabel(Frank Langella) is the proud but now disheveled owner who questions the way trading is done in today’s market.  Now with a recent rumor that has spread like wild fire Jake and Louis company hits rock bottom and the once proud company now has to sell all of it’s stocks to a highly powerful company called Charles Scwartz, which is run buy one of the biggest up an coming stars on Wall Street and air apparent Bretton James(Josh Brolin).  James company buys out Louis Zabel, for laughable amounts and in turn disgracing the the once proud Louis Zabel as well interrupting Jake’s new found investment idea in renewable energy that can maybe change the world.  Jake Moore now wants revenge, but not the kind of revenge that is hurtful but the kind of revenge that will bury Bretton James and Charles Schwartz.  However Jake is going to need help and luckily Jake is dating the one and only daughter of the once powerful Gordon Gekko(Michael Douglas)

Nowadays Gordon Gekko is a transformed man from the hustle and bustle of Wall Street.  In 2001 he was released from prison for his inside trading and conspiracy of fraud and now he has turned his story into one of New York’s Best Selling Authors.  His story of how he turns from Wall Street millionaire to prison mate has now perhaps changed the once powerful man, yet even his own daughter Winnie Gekko(Carey Mulligan) has never reconciled with his father since his prison release.  Winnie has a lot of resentment and hate toward his father, but Jake still feels intrigued by the idea of tracking down the one and only man that can possible help him with his recent crave to destroy a man that destroyed his own mentor.

Jake seeks out and finds Gordon Gekko and despite Gordon out of the loop and doing good but not like the old days, he still has plenty of old connections that can possibly help out the young Jake and his dilemma with not only his revenge towards Bretton James but his idea for a new renewable energy.  Gordon of course is intrigued by the revenge on Britton James as they both once worked together and James was one of the men that helped destroy Gekko’s Wall Street legacy.  However Gordon wants one thing that he knows Jake can help with and that is renewing the relationship between he and his only living daughter Winnie.  Jake and Gordon team up, but is Jake perhaps dealing with one of the most controversial images and characters ever?  Even Jake is unaware of what he may be getting himself into just ask Bud Fox

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is a very good movie. I was entertained for the whole ride and give the movie four stars.  Not a huge Shia LeBeouf fan but he was good enough in this role and was just as good and maybe better than the role Bud Fox(Charlie Sheen) played.  Just joking we all know Bud’s role was irreplaceable but still Jake Moore was good.  I will say Micheal Douglas should have maybe won the Academy Award in 2010 for best lead role in this movie but it’s hard to bring back a character and expect to win again.  Still Gordon Gekko was better than ever and this movie deserves your attention.  Oliver Stone directs and is one of his latest great movies. While Josh Brolin makes us all believe that he may be even worse than when Gordon Gekko was ruling Wall Street.  Well you see and decide yourself.

Hey thanks for dropping in here is a bonus preview of “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”


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