Movie Review: Yogi Bear

As people sit down to watch this movie parents are thinking back to the great cartoon that made us laugh and kids are enjoying Yogi and Boo Boo.  Well that’s what you get with “Yogi Bear” and here is a review.

Welcome to Jellystone Park home of Yogi Bear, Boo Boo and and Ranger Smith.  Yogi is always out to get those picnic baskets and bug those poor old campers.  Ranger Smith( Tom Cavanaugh) is protective of Yogi and his buddy Boo Boo as they are part of the Jellystone Park that they all enjoy.

Enter Rachel(Anna Ferris) who is a nature documentary specialist who comes to visit Jellystone.  She wants to get up close and personal with those who are involved with the Park including Ranger Jones( T.J. Miller).  Lucky for her Yogi is live entertainment to go along with park exploration and Yogi and Boo Boo are at first feared as Yogi hears Rachel say she would like to shoot Yogi, of course Yogi runs and hides, of course Rachel just wants to shoot some pictures of the main attraction of Jellystone.

Things are going well for the folks of Jellystone but for Mayor Brown(Andrew Daley) he is seeing a large deficit in his budget.  As a mayor looking to jump the ranks in public office he must find a way to create more revenue to cut his deficit and also look good for his new run to become Governor of the state.  He decides to create a plan to sell the logging rights to Jellystone National Park and with that money give personal checks to the people and wit this movie fix the deficit but start cutting trees inside Jellystone all for his own public image.

Mayor Brown approaches head Ranger Smith about his proposal and Ranger Smith instead wants to increase yearly passes to Jellystone and that alone can help with the city’s deficit.  Ranger Smith decides to put on a centennial event as the park is celebrating it’s 100th year and with that event and the proceeds the money raised can help the city.  Of course the Mayor doubts this plan and goes with Ranger Smith’s plan.

However the Mayor has a few other tricks up his sleeve to make the centennial event a botched event.  He decides with the help of Ranger Jones  that he will use Yogi as a pawn to destroy the event and Yogi like Yogi does becomes too involved and despite his good heart Yogi and Boo Boo create havoc that now jeopardizes the whole park including ranger Smith’s future.  Does the park become doomed because of Yogi?

Guess you have to watch to find out.  Now most critics have destroyed this movie and gave it some poor ratings.  I will jump ahead and give it three stars.  People may think I am crazy but as I sat with my son, who is four he loved the movie and I was talking like Yogi for the rest of the day.  If a movie has that affect on you, then it is better than what you think.   I will agree the acting and actors could have been a step up better but it wasn’t so much about them but making sure Yogi and Boo Boo were strong enough to carry this movie.  Dan Akroyd and Justin Timberlake did a  solid job with  the voices and really I could hardly tell they were the actors who did the voices.  They sounded like the original Yogi and Boo Boo from the classic Hannah Barbera cartoon.

In summary the details were all there for Yogi to be successful, we all just came down on the poor bear too hard so be a friend and see “Yogi Bear. ” I guarantee you will chuckle along with the youngsters or you will certainly talk like Yogi for a day. “Hey boo boo.”


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