Movie Review: Easy A

Always a fan of the high school movies. It brings you back to place where nearly everyone can relate to the experiences.  Now that sometimes doesn’t correlate to the movie screen as sometimes these stories are over the top or perhaps just not good enough for a wider audience.  As someone who grew up in the John Hughes era of classic high school movies I feel like a good critic for this genre movies of today. Here is a review of “Easy A”  Starring Emma Stone and an array of co stars both young and old.

Olive (Emma Stone) is a girl looking in from the outside.  She has a  few close friends but not in the in group, although her latest tale has brought her a new popularity that even she could not for seen.  Olive is telling this story of how this once quite, smart student has now turned everyone in the school thinking that she is a harlot.  Okay a skank if you want to use today’s high school lingo.

Her family is perhaps the coolest parents, as Dill(Stanley Stanley Tucci) and Rosemary(Patricia Clarkson) are very close to her daughter as they are not over bearing in the way to find out everything her daughter is getting into these days.  They actually get excited at the fact that Olive is starting to date despite Olive not really thinking about that as she has bigger issues on her hands.

With a little white lie and good old high school gossip with the help of another girl, social activist goody, Marianee(Amanda Bynes).  This rumor of Olive being sexually active has spread and the rumor that Olive is getting it on has made Olive all of the sudden the biggest story of the high school.  A once girl that hardly ever was noticed is now on everyone’s radar, including the faculty, which involves Olive’s favorite teacher Mr Griffith(Thomas Haden Chruch).  He becomes indirectly involved as Olive got the idea of being a harlot from the literature story, “The Scarlet Letter.”

Now since this recent popularity has struck Olive, she has taken it all in and realizes why not use this little lie to maybe actually get people to notice her.  However not exactly the kind of attention as now boys of the school are now using this new found stereotype of Olive to their own advantage.  Including a boy Brandon, (Dan Byrd) who wants help form Olive to get people to stop bullying him over his own sexual orientation. He asks Olive to form one one more lie to help his own problems of being bullied and with this new rumor he too would then be respected again.

All together Olive thinks she can control all of this gossip but things do get more and more interesting.  Her new found popularity has maybe gone a bit over board.  Now Olive uses one last chance to set the record straight and maybe get things back to normal.

This review gives “Easy A” movie three and a half stars.  The co stars really add to this movie as others unmentioned so far including Lisa Kudrow as Mrs Griffth and school counselor plays a hilarious role. Malcom McDowell from hit show “Entourage” plays the high school principal.  While Alyson Michalka, Rhianon plays that bubbly best friend to Olive perhaps too well, but you can’t blame her as she does have some odd hippy parents of her own.  Lastly, Penn Badgley or Wood Chuck Todd plays Olive’s real ideal romance and Fred Armisen from “SNL” stops in to play a Pastor.

Okay please don’t beat me up now, as that was like really too much of a review of a movie that I shouldn’t be watching.  I think I need a Rocky marathon now as  I might be out of the age for this one  but really as a parent now, it was a story about bullying and bad gossip and any person form high school can relate to this as well as a it was a decent guide in how to deal with the daily troubles our own schools have with bullying.

Rated PG-13 and directed by Will Gluck

Enjoy the you tube link show I just like to add a bit more to my reviews.

Oh one more preview I am putting on my watch list.


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