Sneak Peak of What’s Coming Next

Wanted to share what’s coming up next at the newest freshest blog talking movies.  I always got something planning at this blog so stay tuned.  Oh in case you can’t tell, not going away any time soon, so get excited people!   In this post there are some hidden link treasure as well.

Extended Summer Preview

I got the list of movies coming this summer. I will share with you the must sees movies on my watch list as well as a few suprises that I foresee this summer.

Sports Movie Countdown

A countdown of my favorite sports movies.  With playoff action in the air why not talk some good old fashion sports movies.

My Favorite 90s Comedies

In response to the great response to Best 80’s Comedies and Clips lets do the 90s!

More Reviews

You will have to come back to see what I review next, I can’t give everything away.

Also adding some more fun movie related links, quote links and a few extras for your traveling through the blogosphere or whatever you are doing to find yourself here.

Tell everyone Kenny sent you. No not that Kenny!


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