Favorite Weekend Theme Movies

Since the weekend is upon us, why not a weekend themed movie list? This list comes with ratings of these movies and might bring memories of ones that you might go out and get this weekend.

“Weekend at Bernies”  Four Stars

When the boss Bernie Lomax is trying to give  a couple of guys, Larry and Richard, a much needed break and possible career changing proposition why not take a trip.  However when they get there the boss is dead and for some reason no one cares. Original trailer in case you need a refresher

“Friday” Four Stars

Ice Cube’s finest work that propelled his acting career to new heights.  While Smokey(Chris Tucker) just got high.  A classic comedy that never dies with age.

Great Song from Friday

“Friday Night Lights”  Three and a half Stars

Me and three co workers actually took time while working as outdoor salesmen to go see this movie when it first came out.  Didn’t know the movie would be three hours long!  Boss wasn’t too happy but still a great high school football movie.

Great Speech

“Friday the 13th”  Three Stars

Jason still strikes fear in anyone who wants to go camping.  Whether watching him in the original Friday the 13th or catching some of the newest works, a classic weekend series of movies.

Friday the 13th Remake

“Saturday Night Fever”  Five Stars

I just want to dance like John Travolta! Here is a great you tube tribute to a classic 70s movie.

“Any Given Sunday”  Three Stars

Al Pacino was a great football coach.  Jamie Fox played the rookie quarterback and Randy Quad was the veteran looking for his last shot at glory.  Although could have gone without the locker scene in this movie while James Woods played the team doctor who probably most resembled physicians from BALCO laboratories.

Another great motivational speech!

“First Sunday”

Honestly haven’t seen this movie yet but it”s going on my watch list.  Anything with Kat Williams, Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan in has got to be funny.  Heard it got less than stellar reviews, but I will be the finally judge of that as I love Kat Williams, his stand up is hilarious.

Here is a bit Preview of First Sunday


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