Movie Review: How Do You Know

New review today as just watched recently the movie “How Do You Know”  This movie stars Owen Wilson, Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd and Jack Nicholson.

Lisa(Reese Witherspoon) is a woman who has always been on top of the world.  All star athlete in her prime but now her prime has passed and what now?  Her days as professional and Olympic softball player are now over and for the first time in her life her world is turned upside down.

George(Paul Rudd) is a lawyer who works with his father Charles(Jack Nicholson) and troubling news has just occurred.  George unknown to him has just been sent a notice of indictment of defrauding their own company.  Possibly facing prison time for his allegations George for the first time who thought his own father was his only protection in life, might be the one that actually got him and the firm in trouble in the first place.

Matty( Owen Wilson) is an all-star baseball pitcher who is on top of his game.  However being a professional baseball player has made him a womanizer that not only travels the country playing baseball but also seeking his next female encounter.  Lisa falls for him at first, but finds out that this guy makes outfits for the morning after sexual encounter.

None of these people know one another, except George and Charles and Matty and Lisa of course, but they are all soon to cross paths.  George and Lisa are hardly ready for anything romantically special as both are in professional and to add to George’s problems, kind of a loner, who hasn’t had much luck in the romance department.  However one of Lisa’s friends sets up a blind date for them and despite Lisa seeing Matty she decides to go with the plan.  George meets Lisa and for the first time in George’s crazy last few day he doesn’t mind to just relax with a new girl, but Lisa is all out of whack as well but certainly stronger in the ways she carry’s herself, unlike George who is sort of a mess.

“How Do You Know?” Is fun, a decent date movie and this review gives it three stars.  Been a Paul Rudd fan as well as Jack Nicholson and they both have a interesting father, son relationship. In actuality Charles is kind of a example of a father in over his head with not only his work, but uses his own son as a way to channel his frustration.  While Owen Wilson as Matty is goofy and plays the jock role well.   There are also some other worthy co stars in the movie as Annie( Katherine Hahn) plays George’s assistant and is also very pregnant and highly emotional and can’t seem to bare his boss, George having his own issues.  As well a nice surprise guest role Ron (Mark Linn-Baker) okay the other guy from the TV hit Perfect Strangers, no not Balki!

Rated PG-13 Directed and Written by James L. Brooks Academy Award Winning writer, writes for the “The Simpsons” including the “Simpsons Movie,” ” Spanglish” and “As Good as it Gets.”  The guy has been around since the television show “Taxi” he is a good writer and this is another nice movie in his collection.

A little bonus here is an article written by yours truly about the Simpsons on What is Helium?

P.S “I am gonna burn this mo down!” check the Paul Rudd link for my favorite seen in “40 year Old virgin”  Now that is a five star movie!!


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