Movie Review: The Next Three Days

On one of the first posts ever at this site I mentioned the movie “The Next Three Days” starring Russel Crowe here is a review.

How far will you go for your loved ones?  John Brennan( Russel Crowe) is a husband and father, who just learns that his wife is being arrested for murder.  Lara Brennan (Elizabeth Banks) is his wife  and she is the prime suspect in the murder case.  Despite his and her doubt,  a jury finds her guilty as crucial evidence points to her involvement and she is thrown in prison.

The days and years have now passed after the tragic arrest and John( Russel Crowe) is doing everything he can.  Not only taking care of their only son who was three when his wife was arrested, but also trying to maintain a life of stability while his wife is still in prison.  John goes and sees Lara all the time but the shock of seeing his mother being arrested and taken to jail has left their son, Luke,(Ty Simpkins) a bit shell shocked from the whole ordeal.  Lara only sees her son on prison visits as John has been trying to fight the courts for an appeal but no one will take on the case of his wife.

Time for John to start thinking outside the box as his wife appears to be stuck in jail for a long time.  John has tried to deal with the law process but, now it is time for him to take matter in his own hands.  John is going to break his wife out of jail and get his family back together again.  John then seeks the help of someone who has attempted and successfully broke out of jail and his name Damon Pennington( Liam Neeson).  You know the guy from “Taken” and “Unknown” okay maybe not hitting it on the head yet the Qui-Gon Jinn (The Phantom Menace) a perfect casted ex felon who is telling John the secrets of breaking someone out of prison.

As John begins his secret operation to break his wife out of jail, trouble occurs frequently and John now has to not only force his plan into quick action but also push plan in The Next Three Days as his wife is now going to be transferred to another prison.  A prison outside of the city of Pittsburgh, where their family is from, as she has been being held all this time.  John now has to speed things up if he wants to break his wife out now.

This movie is four stars in my mind.  Also one of those movies that sort of went under the radar in 2010.  I highly recommend this movie if you like action and a lot of suspense.  John a simple guy now turned into the guy from “Escape from Alcatraz” and is about to take his family to the extreme.  Once again, how far would you go for your family?

The movie is rated R directed by Paul Haggis who also directed “Million Dollar Baby” and “Crash” and for full cast head to The Next Three Days at

Enjoy the movie!

Here is a preview


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