Sequels that Succeded

We always hear sequels are terrible, agreed most are bad, but here are my favorite sequels.  Plus my ratings of these movies.

“Shrek 2”  Four Stars

Something about that Giant Gingerbread man at the end, “Mongo” just eclipses it for me.

Also recommend Living La Vid Loca as my son loves the part when Hugo Sings under the water.  Cracks him every time.

Gremlins 2 The New Batch  Three Stars

Okay may feel heat here “Gremlins” was far superior, but you got to love the gremlin with the goofy eyes he was awesome and cracked me up all the time.  Here is my favorite part if I can find it on You tube.

Crazy eyes and DUh!

Madagascar 2   Five Stars

Characters were more developed had more personality and Alex’s dad was Bernie Mac, one of my all time favorite actors.

Terminator 2 Judgemenet Day   Four Stars

“I’ll be Back!”  Darn right he came back and kicked some ass as a good guy.  That T-1000 was a bad dude.

Terminator 2 sound remix

Aliens   Five Stars

Alien will be known for the introduction of that little alien that popped out of that guy’s stomach. However Sigorney Weaver taking on the queen Alien in “Aliens” in a robot sized bad ass robot suit top notch!

Ripley vs. Biatch

What are your favorite sequels?  Other notable mentions “Godfather Part II” & “Indiana Jones 2: Temple of Doom”

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