Super Hero Madness

Super Hero Movies have been a big theme in Hollywood within the last ten years.  Are they overdoing it?  Here are some of my thoughts.

First, “Captain America” is definitely a movie that needed to be made.  Happy to see that and am eager for that movie.  But no thanks on “Thor.”  Sounds like a good cast but from what I see from the previews “Thor” is just “Ironman” with a hammer but “Ironman” had a kick ass suit.  Of course the comic was great but not sure I am all about Thor, hopefully I don’t get hammered now.

Captain America Preview

Second heard about another “Spiderman” in the makes, but still is starting off slow at the gates of production.  Perhaps a sign of maybe not to do this as “Spiderman” might be becoming more overdone.  Ever since the mega hit original “Spiderman” the series has lost it’s luster.  With no one returning to the fourth installment is it too soon to just make everyone forget these three movies.  Look despite “Spiderman III” being less than stellar, I enjoyed it but too start fresh might be a mistake.  However young fans will be excited of course.

Third,  After “Batman: The Dark Knight” can we expect anything greater than that awesome spectacle?  If anyone can do it Christopher Nolan will especially after his latest success with Inception. Even without bringing back the Joker which early sign are pointing to No, bring on the man in the bat suit once again it should not disappoint.

Fourth,  “Superman” has got another new super hero to do it’s new film Henry Cavill.  The shadow of Christopher Reeves has put an almost curse on this franchise for the last twenty years.  Hopefully we will finally get what we all want the “Man of Steel” back on top.  Movie goers deserve a new generation of great Superman movies!

Now lastly, Bring on more” Hulk!”  Just not the Ang Lee version I want more of the “Incredible Hulk” with Edward Norton and director Louis Leterier.  However early rumors are saying Norton will not be in the next installment as Hulk might be teaming up with “The Avengers” in future films.  It’s unfortunate as Hulk is big enough to carry himself and to just throw the green hero into the mix with everyone else, just should be getting us all a little big ticked off.

Stan Lee is the man, Marvel Comics, and let’s not forget DC Comics whom are paving the way for Super Hero Madness.

Here is a tribute to Hulk great song great video

Hulk and Rage

Just added new X men when Professor X and Magneto are young now we got a good movie after that check this preview out “Holy atomic pile, Batman! – Robin” looks good.

XMen preview



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