Previews are Awesome!!

This is kennymovieblog  previews of movies that are on the watch list.

1.  “Insidious”

I don’t know if I can hold myself or allow my wife to see this movie.  Both Paranormal Activities made us want to go hide with our kids for about three days.

2.  “Black Swan”

Yes, I know see it! I am working on it, I am a busy man.

3.  “Cedar Rapids”

Something about John C Reiley makes me laugh all the time.

4.  “The Kings Speech”

I could use my own public speaking therapist.   I mean I was all excited for it to come out on DVD then back to the theaters PG-13.  Got to wait a bit longer.

5.  “Rango”

Still haven’t seen it, kids bug us every week, we will get there, if not patience is a virtue.

Now since I shared with you now share me your five must watch movies?  Don’t be scared.  Leave a comment or even just share this with friends I just like to bs about movies.

Check in soon for my latest take on the vast array of super hero movies

and more reviews and ratings coming.


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