Must See Movies and Welcome!

Welcome to kennymovieblog where I talk about new movies, old movies, classics or whatever is playing in front of me.

First off let me give you five movies you need to see, plus a rating by yours truly


“The Fighter”  Four Stars

“Inception”  Five Stars

“The Next Three Days”  Four Stars

“MEGAMIND”   Three Stars

“Cyrus” Three and half Stars


Three of the five movies listed I have done reviews at here is the link in case you would like to check it out

Kenny\’s Helium Articles


I am from Chicago so Roger Ebert you are my hero!


Just heard today trailer for Hangover 2 gets pulled because the Movie Association of America, or two guys and a girl in a room, decide that it is in bad taste check for yourself.  Thank you wow for the entertainment gossip

Wow Entertainment Gossip


Classic movie choice for the weekend.

In honor of the Masters at Augusta, “Caddyshack”

Here is a classic you tube clip form Mr Murray “Mr Cinderella Man”

“Mr Cinderella Man”

Thanks you tube and if it gets pulled from here go there anyway and check all of the classic clips.


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